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20 Jobs for People with Spinal Disorders

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Note: There are all types of job prospects with many great employers who are able to utilise your applicable skills without your disability being a concern. Asuria works closely with our candidates to match them with a role and employer where we believe they will succeed. The following list is a small example of potential careers and are suggestions only. It’s important to have an employer or Job Coach that understands your interest, skills, preferences and goals, and matches you with an employer that values the ‘real’ you, and not base your application or interview on a perception of you.

According to Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SCIA), approximately 150,000 Aussies live with a spinal injury. Thankfully, long gone are the days when most jobs required physical labour. Today, there are countless exciting and enriching professions that may be suitable for people with spinal disorders.

As you read through these 20 jobs for people with spinal disorders, keep in mind that this is just a small selection. Remember, your talents are needed - you just need to find the best fit.

1. Accountant

Accountants can be self-employed (providing services to various clients on a contract basis) or work for accounting firms or directly with a business. Many large companies have in-house accountants to manage payroll, investments, royalties and profits. 

2. Call Centre Worker

If you’re a people person, working for a call centre might be a terrific option. Many call centres have implemented accessibility tools to help workers with disabilities, and some even allow employees to work from home.

3. Actuary

Actuaries manage risk by using mathematics, business management skills and statistics to gauge financial threats for organisations. They often work for insurance companies and banks, but you might also find positions with marketing and investment businesses.

4. Architect

Although this job requires years of education, it brings together many different fields: art, engineering, design, construction and safety. Architects may work exclusively with the design of a building, or they may also oversee its construction and even collaborate with landscape designers about the finishing touches.

5. Public Relations Professional

It’s incredible that from behind a computer screen, public relations professionals can communicate with the media, influence the public and engage with stakeholders. Those with a gregarious personality and ace organisational skills might find great satisfaction in public relations.

6. Account Manager

An account manager oversees the relationship between a business and its customers. They find out what customers need and work with clients to form long-term relationships. If you enjoy coordinating and interacting with various groups of people, this could be a perfect role for you.

7. Data Analyst

A data analyst serves as a gatekeeper for an organisation’s data. In this role, you would make data understandable to stakeholders so they can make strategic decisions for the business. It typically requires a degree in computer modelling, science, math or analytics. 

8. Video Editor

From corporate presentations to independent films, video editing is in high demand. If you’re handy with software tools and enjoy creative work, you might be an excellent fit for a video editor position. 

9. Computer Animator

Animation isn’t just for children’s films anymore. With social media marketing and online education courses, animators are in high demand. If you didn’t study animation in school, there are plenty of online resources for learning these skills.

10. Counsellor

Whether you help students plan for their futures or assist people with their anxiety and depression, working as a counsellor can be very satisfying. People often need assistance navigating their relationships, schoolwork, jobs and other issues in their day-to-day lives.


11. Medical Administration Assistant

You don’t need to be mobile to work as an assistant in a medical office, but the role is critical to keeping operations running well. This job includes responsibilities like organising files, handling paperwork and answering phone calls.

12. Legal Assistant

Fine-tune your knowledge of the law by working as a legal assistant! You don’t need an expensive, time-consuming law degree to participate in the legal field. As a legal assistant, legal secretary, or paralegal, the industry offers several opportunities that are easy to manage from a desk.

13. Credit Authoriser

Since much of a credit authoriser’s work is done online, mobility is rarely an issue. In this job, you would look over credit charges on customers’ accounts when they apply for credit. It’s perfect for someone who likes to follow routines and set procedures. 

14. Computer Support Specialist

Apps and software programs require people to troubleshoot customer problems and guide people through processes. In many cases, computer support specialists can work from home, so you don’t have to deal with a daily commute.

15. Market Research Analyst

Businesses need to know all about their competitors, and that’s precisely what market research analysts provide. In this role, you’ll gather and analyse information to understand the potential of products and services. 

16. Software Engineer

Software engineers develop and design software. Nearly all of their work occurs at a desk, so it’s ideal for people with spinal disorders. In fact, it’s a top career and growing sector for job seekers with physical disabilities.

17. Accessibility Consultant

Businesses often need advice about how to make their facilities accessible to people with disabilities. Your experience is precious because you have insights that many people don’t. As an accessibility consultant, you would help make offices and neighbouring areas more user friendly for people with various disabilities. 

18. Tutor

If you love teaching but worry about a classroom setting’s physical stresses, tutoring might be a suitable option. Tutoring opportunities exist at schools, online and even in corporate environments.

19. Writer

Writers produce text for magazines, newspapers, websites, ebooks, blogs, newsletters, emails and much more. Some writers work for businesses or agencies, and others enjoy writing books on their own and then shopping them to publishers.

20. Appointment Clerk

Some businesses are centred around setting appointments, and they need assistance with scheduling details and communicating with clients. This job is perfect for an organised person who enjoys speaking with people. 


What’s Next for You?

This list represents a small sampling of jobs for people with spinal disorders. And as technology advances, more and more opportunities are available.

Industries are changing, and there are plenty of positions out there that offer the perfect accommodation and skillset for you.

To learn more or set up a consultation with one of our Job Coaches, reach out to us at Asuria. We will prepare you, brief you, and help you get and keep your job every step of the way.

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