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Opportunities rev up as 90 Asuria job seekers find employment with Tempe Tyres

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Pictured left to right: Nigel, Richard, Nasir, Timothy, Panagiotis.

At Asuria, we are constantly seeking to understand businesses so that we can assist employers to find job-ready candidates. When the opportunity arose to partner with Sydney-based automotive business Tempe Tyres, to fulfil their hiring needs, our team at Asuria was ready to help.

Operating across four sites in the Greater Sydney area, including Penrith, Parramatta, Tempe and Fairfield, Tempe Tyres is a customer-focused business, who aim to build reliance and confidence in every experience for their customers.  

In connecting with this locally run business, Asuria formed an incredible partnership that supports the long-term employment of many of our job seekers, through the work of Asuria’s Employment Consultant Evan. By narrowing down their essential criteria, and finding what was important to Tempe Tyres, Evan and the team were able to present enthusiastic and reliable candidates for the available roles. Delivering these services right to their door through on site visits has resulted in a valued relationship built on trust and open communication.   

“We are proud to partner with Asuria to connect with local disadvantaged job seekers across our four locations in Greater Sydney as part of our inclusive employment strategy,” said Chandrika, HR Manager at Tempe Tyres.  

Within the past year alone, Asuria has seen 90 of our job seekers join the Tempe Tyres team and wear their uniforms with pride. Asuria job seekers came from our Workforce Australia Services and Disability Employment Services programs, and a range of experiences including those from Indigenous or culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. 

This partnership thrives through the work of Asuria Mentor Evan, who connects the dots between those looking for work and those looking to hire. Through regularly chatting with industry professionals, Evan and the Asuria team set up innovative action plans to meet the needs of local businesses such as Tempe Tyres. This can include creating a job seeker profile for specific business needs, present and future. Our teams also use their expertise to access government funding for employee training, and offer appropriate work-related equipment, clothing and licensing as required. 

Among our job seekers who have joined Tempe Tyres is Panagiotis, who came on board as a Warehouse Worker. Securing his job during the height of the pandemic, Panagiotis was given a chance to show his worth and, in doing so, found a fulfilling and supportive workplace. With full-time work and a promotion already under his belt, Panagiotis has felt the support of the whole Tempe Tyres team while on his employment journey.  

“They are wonderful people, and they treat me like family,” said Panagiotis.  

Coming from a background with English as a second language, it was important for Asuria and Panagiotis that he had a workplace that could respect and support him in this area, which is exactly what Tempe Tyres provided.  

“We want the diversity of our customer base to be reflected in our workforce,” said Chandrika, HR Manager at Tempe Tyres.  

“We find that, regardless of their backgrounds and barriers to employment, hiring people with the right attitude and motivation to learn leads to the best employment outcomes.”  

All this hard work to nurture a positive work environment has paid off, with people coming to work at Tempe Tyres from a diverse range of ages, cultures, backgrounds and experiences to work in customer service, tyre fitting and administration roles.

“As we continue to grow as an organisation, we are excited to expand our partnership with Asuria and keep providing long-term employment opportunities to the disadvantaged job seekers in the communities that we operate in,” said Chandrika, HR Manager at Tempe Tyres.

This commitment to diversity sees our Asuria job seekers welcomed into the Tempe Tyres family, with support from within and from their Asuria Mentors and Employment Consultants. Asuria looks forward to continuing to work with Tempe Tyres as their business grows. 

Asuria is committed to building long-lasting relationships with employers such as Tempe Tyres, to forming a detailed understanding and knowledge of your business to find the best candidates to fit your employment needs.  

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Asuria can help you find job-ready candidates, click here.

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