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Asuria celebrates U Day 2023 with our Enterprising Heart Awards

On December 1st each year, Asuria comes together to celebrate U Day, a formal day for all of us at...

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From devastation came hope as Emma and her family finally find their home

In August 2021, Emma was caring for two children, while pregnant with her third. Her family had...

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Turning negative into positive: Sarah uses her experience to help others

As a stay-at-home mum, Sarah prioritised caring for her family, which included two young children....

Success Story, Transition to Work,

Building up the courage: Danny learns to trust their abilities again

Having completed Year 11, Danny was struggling with mental health issues and did not know what they...

Success Story, Transition to Work,

Small steps make big strides as Thomas finds his first job

22-year-old Thomas had never held a job before and lacked the confidence to take his driving test,...

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Saint Elesa Food Initiative driving positive change for their community

Food insecurity is an issue facing many Australians today, and the Saint Elesa Food Initiative is...

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Asuria Ulverstone hosts Security Course with NSTA for Workforce Australia participants

Recently our Workforce Australia team in Ulverstone arranged for participants to attend a security...

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Minister Tony Burke and Senator Tammy Tyrell hear from staff and participants at Asuria Hobart

On October 3rd, Asuria had the pleasure of hosting the Hon Tony Burke MP, Minister for Employment...

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Single father Anthony shows the importance of never giving up on your dream

Anthony was a dedicated truck driver who spent his days carrying heavy equipment for a company that...

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Hard working mum and beauty extraordinaire: Skye has no limit to her possibilities

Skye’s world revolved around her partner and their three beautiful children, aged four, six, and...

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Asuria First Nations participant Thomas receives career recognition at prestigious NESA Awards

On Wednesday October 11th, Asuria celebrated the 2023 NESA Awards for Excellence, an event that...

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From learning to teaching: Maria starts a new career in childcare

Maria had always been passionate about accounting and had completed her qualification in her home...

Success Story, Disability Employment Services,

Supporting others, defying odds: the triumph of Hang

At the sight of her elderly parents receiving exceptional care from support workers, Thi Minh Hang...

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The future is looking up: Bonnie’s studies underway for her dream job

In Bonnie’s early adulthood, she struggled with substance abuse and felt a loss of control in her...

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There's no place like home: Asuria helps Mazvita get back on track

Life has a way of throwing challenges at us when we least expect it. In August 2022, resilient...

Success Story, Transition to Work,

A knockout transformation: Jamel's path to self-confidence

As a young man who hadn't completed Year 12, Jamel faced numerous challenges, including shyness,...