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Adopted Sydneysider finds fresh start with Asuria

3 minute read

A new job, a new home, a new life.

Twenty-three-year-old Alexandra, from the Northern Territory, wanted a fresh start. Coming from a difficult home environment, Alexandra wanted the chance to prove to everyone that she was capable of doing things on her own.

Making the lengthy trip from Darwin to Sydney, deciding to pack up and relocate was an exhilarating yet daunting decision for Alexandra, as she had never left her hometown before.

Thankfully, Alexandra received a call from our Asuria jobactive team in Burwood, where she found the support of our Indigenous Employment Consultant, Debbie Spinks.

Being mindful and understanding about Alexandra’s circumstances and wanting to help set her up with a comfortable lifestyle as soon as possible, Debbie got to work helping Alexandra to update and refine her resume and cover letter.

Debbie attended local Jobs Fairs with Alexandra’s resume in her hand and reached out to her network of employers on Alexandra’s behalf.

Suddenly, Alexandra was in high demand.

“I’ve never had so many different people looking to hire me until Asuria was in control of it. And I’d never imagined that anyone would think I was good enough for so many roles,” says Alexandra.

“I was instantly forwarded along to interviews and jobs, and within a month, I started my first job in Sydney.”

Receiving a steady income to help get started was all Alexandra was looking for at first, though as her confidence and ambition grew it wasn’t long before she wanted to pursue a more challenging employment journey.

Coming back to Debbie for guidance, Alexandra recalls being taken aback by the wonderful emotional support Debbie offered her.

“I tell her nearly everything because I feel so comfortable and welcome with her. There isn’t that barrier where she is just my job coach, and I’m just her job seeker. She respects me, and she would make anyone feel extremely comfortable.”

It wasn’t long before a new opportunity presented itself in the Asuria Customer Service Team. 

Knowing that Alexandra had the skills and that her values aligned with Asuria’s Enterprising Heart, she put Alexandra forward for the role, and that same week, Alexandra became Asuria’s newest Customer Service Specialist.

“I didn’t imagine working for the people that were helping me find work, but I can be more understanding because I know what these people are going through.”

Reflecting on some of her previous barriers to employment, including her battle with depression, Alexandra says the kindness she received from Debbie was something she’d never received before.

“My confidence was really low, just because of my background. I’ve been through some hard times where I was almost conditioned to think that I was incapable or not worth it.

“But Debbie was so supportive, and she would tell me she was proud of me and that she was happy for me, and I had never had anyone speak to me like that.”

Having a stable job helped Alexandra to keep on top of her mental health, having found a routine that works for her.

We are thrilled to have Alexandra join Asuria, and we’re looking forward to seeing her bright and promising future unfold. 

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