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AETS pledge their commitment to mature aged workers

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AETS (Australian Employment and Training Solutions) this week pledged to engage more employers through a Mature Workers Employment Pledge as part of the Career Transition Assistance (CTA) program.

CTA is delivered across Ballarat and Adelaide South and is a new initiative to help mature age job seekers build their confidence and become more competitive in their local labour market.

CTA provides assistance to help job seekers over the age of 50 with gaining the skills they need to secure employment in the digital age, including digital literacy, Information Technology and Communication skills (ICT), and confidence with using various technologies such as social media, smartphones, apps and tablets.

AETS’ Mature Aged Worker Pledge is designed to support and educate employers of the value of mature aged workers while reducing age discrimination. Employers who sign up to the pledge will provide our job seekers with a foot in the door or directly into a job, work trial or work experience.

Since AETS began delivering services for the CTA program in July 2018, more than 20 employers have made the pledge, including PeoplePlus Australia.

“Here at PeoplePlus, we live by our word, which is why approximately one-fifth of our workforce is mature aged.

“We believe mature aged job seekers can display a solid work ethic while bringing a wealth of knowledge and life skills to workplaces, simply by having a few more years of employment under their belt,” Michael McIntosh, PeoplePlus HR Business Partner said.

Practically speaking, AETS will employ a dedicated CTA Officer who will support job brokerage and reverse-marketing of job seekers, as well as helping employers to adopt positive age practices. Additionally, job seekers will be encouraged to engage with employers themselves.

AETS, supported by PeoplePlus, has shown previous success in implementing new programs and initiatives and will continue to provide outstanding services to job seekers and students.



For more information on AETS' services for the Career Transition Assistance program across Adelaide South and Ballarat, call AETS today on 1800 872 297 or email info@aets.edu.au

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