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AETS to deliver services for the Career Transition Assistance program

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From July 2, 2018, AETS (Australian Employment and Training Solutions) will deliver a new Government initiative across Adelaide and Ballarat for mature aged job seekers.

Career Transition Assistance (CTA) is a new program being piloted by the Department of Jobs and Small Business in five Employment Regions.

CTA targets two key elements - Tailored Career Assistance and Functional Digital Literacy. Individuals will be eligible if they are registered with a jobactive provider within one of the five trial regions, and 50 years of age or older.

Our training model offers pre-employment training and qualifications to equip participants with the confidence to identify their unique abilities, develop a career profile and identify their transferable skills for their current and emerging labour market.

Older Australians deserve a smarter and more thoughtful approach to their career transition and job searching needs, integrating relevant digital skills in a meaningful way with service delivery facilitated by mature age coaches will no doubt have a positive impact for all Australians.

AETS Executive Director, Emma Crichton, was proud of this achievement to deliver training across Australia.

“With the growing numbers of mature age workers hitting our caseloads, we began preparing to be more thoughtful and relevant in service delivery to this cohort whilst also matching the design to the changing labour market needs in the pilot areas.

“This has included investment in worlds best curriculum design for career coaching and career transition via team-based learning and one to one coaching sessions”, said Emma.

From 1 July 2019, Career Transition Assistance will be available nationally in all Employment Regions. Eligibility will also be expanded to include those 45 years of age and older.

For more information on our services for the program, please call our Career Transition Assistance Hotline on 1800 872 297 or email us at info@aets.edu.au

Career Transition Assistance is an Australian Government initiative.

For more information on Career Transition Assistance, visit www.jobs.gov.au/career-transition-assistance

AETS (Australian Employment and Training Solutions – TOID 21912) are a leading learner support and training services company helping people to transform their lives and businesses through skills and training. We are committed to making learning interesting, ensuring our trainers are mentors and career coaches and that all training is real and relevant to work.

We help people move into work by enabling them to gain the skills they need to make them employable, providing them with real work experience or helping them onto a traineeship or apprenticeship. We also help people to become self-employed and start up their own businesses.

As a registered training organisation with the Australian Skills Quality Authority, we deliver social and collaborative training and qualifications to equip people with the right skills for a successful career.

Registration has been tailored to meet the needs of the industries with skill shortages and all emerging labour market needs. We tailor our training programs to meet the needs of stakeholders and have been able to develop programs specifically for the needs of students.

For further information about AETS, visit: www.aets.edu.au

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