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Art Therapy business opens for Kyneton kids with help from Asuria

3 minute read

A new Kyneton-based art therapy specialist is opening her doors to kids to help them cope with everything from ADHD, to anxiety, autism, and much more.

Founder Jeanine Kolasa has launched Arteeze, a creative arts and disability support service for children in Kyneton and surrounding suburbs, after completing the Government's New Business Assistance with NEIS program, delivered by Asuria.

A dedicated disability support worker for almost 30 years, and a talented artist in her personal life, Jeanine initially explored Asuria's delivery of the NEIS program years ago for a business idea related to her artwork; however, it wasn't the right time for her to go it alone.

After four years of sitting on a potential business plan, Jeanine called Asuria for a second time in October last year, except this time, she was ready.

"Well, we had COVID, and people lost work, and I wasn't working much at all. So I thought, why don't I become a sole independent?" Jeanine says.

Joining the Bendigo NEIS class in December 2021, Asuria NEIS expert, Genevieve, worked closely with Jeanine to help her fine-tune her business idea.

"I was a little all over the place because I do so many things like artwork, making jewellery and working in disability, and she really helped me focus, and she suggested I could make it a service and combine a few things,” said Jeanine.

It was then that Jeanine made the final decision to open an Art Therapy business.

Now servicing two clients, Jeanine has opened Arteeze to teenagers, children and small groups with disabilities, including ADHD, anxiety and autism. She's also available to provide services to neurotypical children and adolescents.

"Art therapy helps foster self-esteem, and it helps them in mastering new skills and enjoying creativity."

For Jeanine, a typical workday involves meeting at her clients' homes, catching up, and then laying out materials for them to choose from, including paint, clay, paper, pens, and markers.

"I'd say with ADHD symptoms, they can focus for a longer amount of time by doing an artwork, because they're getting into the flow of creating something, and because it's nonverbal, there are opportunities to have a quietness of the mind."

Jeanine’s experience with Asuria has been fantastic, as she credits Asuria’s NEIS team for making the leap into self-employment far less daunting.

"It's the way Asuria pays attention to people. They're great at communicating, and they're very positive. I wouldn't have expected it to change my life, but it has. I've felt so many benefits like being organised, staying focused, communicating with people and being confident in myself."

Asuria is so proud of Jeanine for turning her passion and expertise into a viable business, that will bring much needed support to the children in her community. We can’t wait to see Jeanine and Arteeze progress as she continues to grow her client base.

If you’d like to find out more about how Asuria could help you bring your business idea to live, click here.


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