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Asuria’s NEIS services support Kyneton local through dramatic post-covid career change

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Autumn saw a rush of new businesses arrive in Bendigo and surrounding suburbs as Asuria guided 16 former job seekers into self-employment through the Government’s highly successful New Business Assistance with NEIS program. 

One of the notable business owners packing a punch in Victoria’s economic bounce-back is NEIS graduate, Tadhgh Knaggs.  

With COVID changing the way many people have viewed their employment options, several of our recent graduates have come from years of working in the corporate world, including Tadhgh.  

Doing a full 180, Tadhgh made the life-changing decision to leave behind his unfulfilling office job to start a community grown, chemical-free garlic business just north of regional foodie capital, Kyneton. 

Now a full-time business owner of Knagwood Garlic Farm, Tadhgh says COVID-19 gave him the push he needed to take a chance on his passion: “I think COVID-19 just put into perspective for me that the world can change in an instant. I have always been passionate about growing organic garlic and NEIS gave me the opportunity to explore that.” 

Speaking to our Small Business and Entrepreneur Manager, Wendy Winzar, she says that the recent NEIS numbers have been some of our highest, with participants enrolling with a fresh hunger for success. 
“Bendigo is a strong community, with a lot of brilliant entrepreneurs and it brings me great joy to see this group of highly motivated local self-starters playing such an inspiring role in Bendigo’s economic recovery.” 
Our services for the Australian Government’s New Business Assistance with NEIS program has been providing Australians with the opportunity to turn their passions into professions for over a decade.  

Delivering expert small business management training, mentorship, income support and rent assistance, our services give Bendigo, the South Coast and Wimmera Mallee locals the opportunity to follow their dreams and make a viable contributing to their community.  
During the nine-week training course, our students are backed by mentors in developing a strong business plan, which follows 12 months of support for their new business venture.  

Knagwood Garlic Farm owner, Tadhgh Knaggs, says that although nervous about launching, the support from Wendy and Ramesh has given him all the confidence that leaving the corporate world for farming was absolutely the right call:  

“Anyone who has started a business knows that there is always some doubt in the back of your mind. I was taking a big risk leaving my old career for something completely different but having wise mentors like Wendy and Ramesh believe in me and overseeing my progress made the process enjoyable and much less daunting than if I were to do it all alone.” 
With  140 enterprising students currently enrolled across our three regions in Victoria, we can’t wait to see what other brilliant business ideas await!  

You can follow Tadhgh and Knagwood Farms on  his Facebook and Instagram. 


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