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Seeking a change of atmosphere, Carolyn finds the career she’s been waiting for in the hotel industry

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Carolyn, a 22-year-old proud Gubbi Gubbi woman, had been in a restaurant role for several years but began to struggle with the stressful nature of her work environment. Constant running around and multi-tasking had left her feeling burnt out and anxious, and she became uncertain in her abilities as a result. Seeing the need for change, Carolyn began to seek out support in finding a sustainable and supportive job. 

In March 2023, after leaving a previous role, Carolyn connected with Asuria’s Workforce Australia – Transition to Work services in Moonee Ponds and began attending appointments with an Asuria Youth Mentor.

They began to work through Carolyn’s goals, to learn more about the work she would like to step into. Carolyn needed support to build up her confidence so that she could find her next role. Carolyn’s Youth Mentor began to research local vacancies that matched her experience in the hospitality industry, and contacted employers with the intention of finding suitable work. Her Youth Mentor also provided practical support in preparing Carolyn to answer questions in an interview and share her valuable skillset.

As Carolyn did not have a driver’s licence yet, she relied on public transport to be able to attend work-related opportunities such as interviews and job trials. Wanting to ease the financial burden of travelling, Asuria arranged for Carolyn’s transportation costs to be covered through Asuria, including topping up her Myki card and funding rideshare trips. This ensured that any training, job interviews and potential work opportunities didn’t have to be declined due to her transportation. 

With the help of Asuria, she was connected to Accor Australia, a leading name in the hotel industry. Carolyn met with Accor Australia for a job interview, sharing her previous training, skills as a waitress in restaurants, and enthusiasm for joining the team. Carolyn’s interview impressed Accor Australia’s recruitment team, and by the end of May, she had been offered a Waitress position within their network of hotels. 

From where she started, Carolyn has embarked on an incredible journey to find work that suited her needs. She feels less anxious and more confident going to work every day and has now turned her attention to new goals, such as gaining her driver’s license and buying a car.

Speaking on Carolyn’s journey, her Youth Mentor commented, “From the very beginning of our journey with Carolyn, her unwavering spirit has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. She has always carried herself with contagious positivity and has been a shining example of incredible strength and determination. Beyond her personal achievements, Carolyn has proved that anything is possible with the right mindset and a resilient spirit. We are immensely proud of Carolyn; it has been a delight to witness her growth.”

Carolyn shared, “Without the help of Asuria’s Transition to Work team, I would not be who I am today. I’ve been able to achieve my goals of securing a suitable job, overcoming my anxiety, and continuing to stay motivated to achieve future goals.”

If you’re between the ages of 15-24 and looking for support to get the skills, experience, and qualifications needed for a pathway into work or study, click here to learn about Asuria’s Transition to Work Services.

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