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Chevelle’s journey on the road to positive mental health and stability

4 minute read

After years of short-term work, Chevelle found lasting employment as we continue to support her mental health journey.

For truck driver Chevelle, finding sustainability in a job, once seemed near impossible to come across. With transport work being generally temporary, and her ongoing struggle with her mental health, Chevelle knew she needed additional support to remain optimistic in her new job.

With a fiery and outgoing personality, industry experience and a passion for driving trucks, the issue for Chevelle wasn't her employability skills, but rather finding a workplace she could call a second home.

"I started with them [PeoplePlus] a few years ago and just kept going back, and they've helped me every time, they've always been really good there."

Coming to our Kyneton office, Chevelle found herself employment working as a truck driver at the Barfold Quarry but needed continued assistance for her mental health and the transition into full-time work.

Working with her JobCoach, Greg, Chevelle found in him someone she could trust and lean on for reassurance whenever she found herself entering a negative headspace. Having been with other providers in the past, Chevelle stresses the value of having a JobCoach that cares deeply about seeing you succeed.  

"I'm not used to having normal healthy support, it's always been support with motive, but it's actually really healthy support", said Chevelle.

"To know that I'm supported in that way and that I'm not just another number, it's a really nice feeling!" Explained Chevelle.

As well as assisting Chevelle emotionally, Greg was also able to get Chevelle the correct work wear she needed and aided her in getting her excavator ticket, which makes her qualified to operate certain types of machinery.

For many years, Chevelle has continued to fight the ongoing battle with her mental health, which was her most significant barrier to employment over the years.

Since starting her new job, however, having something secure, with an employer that is both patient and understanding, has helped Chevelle greatly.

"I've had 14 years of casual or unsuitable, not local work. Being able to work somewhere that's closer to home and mostly just having something regular; it helps my mental health."

"Just having someone understanding that I'm not going to be perfect all the time. I'm able to ring them if I'm stressed or if somethings going on and I need to talk, they're happy to listen. It's been making a big difference in my recovering and my healing," explained Chevelle.

PeoplePlus DES participant Chevelle smiling and standing in front of her truck at the Quarry Having this job has allowed Chevelle to find a sense of comfort now that she has a steady income and the ability to take time off if she needs it. Finding herself what she likes to call a "forever job", has given Chevelle the chance to start getting back on her feet.

However, even though Chevelle has found a great workplace, she still recognises that her mental illness is something that won't be cured simply by having a steady paycheck. Having dealt with it for many years, Chevelle knows that her self-awareness and support from Greg, in addition to her new job, is what keeps her grounded.

"Even when there have been personal issues that are affecting work, I've been able to talk to him [Greg] to get a better understanding so that I'm looking at it a healthier point of view."

Having found a workplace fit for her, Chevelle's advice to other jobseekers is to meet with a JobCoach and be as transparent as possible.

"Mental health isn't us as a whole, it's just a small part of us, and if you don't understand yourself, you can't expect other people to understand you either."

PeoplePlus can be of support to you if you're dealing with mental health challenges and are looking for employment. We care about you as a person, not just the outcome, and we're ready to be there for you every step of the way.

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