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East Coast Passage & Maritime Program

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What a voyage it has been for the crew on board the Coral Trekker for our East Coast Passage & Maritime Program who have reached their destination at Magnetic Island in Far North Queensland. We hope you have all had a trip to remember and talk about for many years to come!

Congratulations to these 11 men who have worked closely with PeoplePlus and our friends at Babana Aboriginal Mens Group and Tribal Warrior Association in preparation and completion of this voyage. The candidates have gained valuable hands-on training, learning navigation, radio operation, engine maintenance, teamwork, and boat maintenance for the past two weeks. We also thank the experienced crew and trainers for your guidance through this voyage.

We look forward to working closely with this fantastic group of candidates who have shown incredible desire and determination to now kick-start their careers in the Maritime Industry.

"You go back to the Ancient Greeks onwards, and you'll find these great sea stories and the beauty about each of these stories is that it tells of a journey of a person or a people learning about themselves, exploring the world around them and growing through that experience and then using it in the next part of their life." - David Hurley, Governor of NSW.

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