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Jewels of ambition: Haley's path to becoming her own boss

4 minute read

After completing Year 8 of school, Haley found herself adrift, uninterested in continuing her education and unsure of her next move. But one fateful night, while aimlessly browsing the internet for unique earrings, she stumbled upon jewellery-making kits that sparked an idea within her. She realised she could create beautiful pieces she personally loved and transform her passion into a thriving business.

With determination, Haley embarked on her journey, establishing her own jewellery line called "Ear & Tonic." However, she soon recognised the need for guidance to propel her craft forward. That's when Asuria entered her life, marking the turning point in Haley's story.

In February 2023, Haley joined Asuria's Transition to Work program in Coburg, where she was connected with Youth Mentor, Nahshon. Nahshon recognised Haley's potential and encouraged her to resume her studies. Together, they devised a plan for Haley to pursue a Certificate III in Business, complementing her love for jewellery making. Asuria covered the program costs, acknowledging Haley's newfound venture. Eager to expand her knowledge of running a business, Haley diligently attended the office multiple times a week to study, guided and motivated by Nahshon. Throughout the course, she acquired valuable skills in utilising business software applications, designing and managing spreadsheets and documents, storing information efficiently, and excelling at sales using Excel.

Meanwhile, Haley sought support from Asuria's Wellbeing Mentor, Dillon Fourie, who provided guidance on financial responsibility and stress management. Overcoming numerous obstacles, Haley emerged triumphant, completing the course in April. Reflecting on her achievement, she expressed, "With Nahshon's help, I am immensely proud of myself for finishing the course. I now possess the confidence to run and grow my business."

Currently, Haley enthusiastically participates in Nahshon's "Young Guns" activity, a dynamic program tailored to young entrepreneurs seeking to pursue their own ventures. Engaging with like-minded individuals, Haley benefits from holistic business training and a supportive community, sharing ideas and developing effective strategies together.

After her successful completion of Certificate III in Business, Nahshon further guided Haley by recommending Asuria's Self-Employment Assistance Program. This comprehensive program would equip her with the essential groundwork for her business, offering invaluable resources such as self-employment workshops, small business training, assistance in developing a business plan, coaching sessions, regular business health checks, and dedicated advice sessions with experienced Business Mentors.

Filled with excitement, Haley embraces the ongoing growth of her business. Her immediate goals include refining her website, and envisioning the eventual opening of her own retail shop. With Asuria's support and her unwavering determination, Haley is poised to conquer new heights on her entrepreneurial journey.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you find and keep a job through our Transition to Work program click here, or if you’d like to find out how our Self-Employment Assistance program can help you turn your business dreams into a reality, click here.


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