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How Senimili safeguarded her career in security

3 minute read

A career in the workforce wasn’t something on Senimili’s radar, having been on and off Centrelink payments since 2003.

At 39 years of age and the primary carer of two children, she came to the Lakemba branch of PeoplePlus with little work experience – but a lot of ambition.

“Senimili came to us in October 2018 and was looking for a long-term career prospect with only some basic casual work experience doing laundry and kitchen hand duties,” shared Marie, PeoplePlus Lakemba’s Branch Manager.

Having left school early without any career goal, Senimili jumped at any offer to earn some cash. She took casual jobs in cleaning, housekeeping, laundry, nursing, and warehousing – all with the aim of taking care of the family’s bills at home.

“That was my career throughout my life,” Senimili shared.

With a broad range of life skills under her belt, Senimili met with her Case Manager and they discussed some potential opportunities in the security industry.

So Senimili did some groundwork. With the help of her PeoplePlus, she undertook several qualifications in Business Administration, First Aid and Security – all of which took her around three months to complete. Marie and the Recruitment team at Lakemba then worked together with their extensive network of employers to find Senimili a role in security at a university.

“Senimili loves her job.

“She feels a sense of importance keeping all the students safe, and she’s already been offered further opportunities and qualifications to enhance her future prospects.

“Her pathway has been wonderful in terms of sustainable employment and work/life balance,” Marie said.

As she reflects on her journey to sustainable employment with PeoplePlus, Senimili acknowledged how the experience has been eye-opening in several ways.

“I have an actual career ahead of me to pursue.

“I’m learning about diversity in the workplace, knowing there's a balance in there which is essential in today's times. Knowing about legislation and rights and the demand for women is a huge advantage.

“There are so many options in front of me to explore, but I'm more thrilled with the knowledge I gained in security.

“This is my new path. Thank you for it.”

The team at PeoplePlus would like to congratulate Senimili on her fantastic achievement and wish her continued success in her security career.


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