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Making the most of your commute to the city before a job interview

4 minute read

So, after months of applying for jobs, you’ve finally scored yourself an interview, slight problem though... it’s in the city.

For those of you who aren’t really city goers, or if travelling to the city is a bit out of your way, then it might be a bit daunting, but we’ve got you covered.


Google Maps will be your best friend.  Make sure you’ve searched up where you’re going as you don’t want to be spending time walking around the city, looking for your destination. It’s always helpful to know what the building looks like so that you don’t miss it.

If you’re still unsure, give your interviewer a call in advance. This shows initiative as well as displaying good organisation skills, all before your interview has even begun!

Be an early bird

It’s common knowledge that you should always be punctual to an interview, but we think you should aim to get to your interview at least 15 minutes early.

If you’re even earlier, perfect!

An employer is looking for someone who is eager and ahead of schedule, so showing up early is the easiest way to make a good first impression.

Also, any spare time you have before the interview should be used to prepare and revise.



Sadly, can’t predict how the traffic will be on the day of your interview, but it’s crucial that you know roughly how long it’ll take to get there.

If possible, try doing a trial run of your commute to the interview. This will be a good opportunity to adjust your travel plans if needed.

A good tip is to add 30 minutes to your trip. For example, if it takes an hour to get there, add 30 minutes to that time.


If coming into the city is a little foreign to you, then there’s a chance you might find city transport a little confusing. Like all our tips so far, preparation is key.

Downloading a public transport app will make your trip a lot smoother. The app is there to show you transport times, how long your commute will take and display any delays or changes in the timetable.

It is also essential that you have a backup plan.

Sometimes, things just don’t go your way. Whether it be your car battery dying overnight or your tram being cancelled last minute, always have a second transport option.

Quick Tips if you're taking public transport

Utilise the ride as extra prep time for the interview. Sitting on public transport is the perfect time to research the company or go over interview questions.

Pay attention to the stops, you don’t want miss your stop and end up on a completely different street.

Stay up to date for changes in your train or tram timetable.

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Quick Tips if you're driving in

Be prepared for traffic and lots of pedestrians.

Unfortunately, finding parking in the city is usually unpredictable and pricey. Having a rough idea of places to park means you probably won’t waste time driving in circles, looking for a free space.

When parking in the city, make sure to double check and then triple check the parking sign carefully. You don’t want to be spending your first paycheck on a parking fine.

With all these wonderful tips, we’re positive you’ll make it to your interview on time and with ease. Good luck with your interview and safe travels!

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