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Our team is passing the message across Australia for RUOK? Day 2018

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Today, on R U OK? Day, we're taking action to ask our colleagues, families, and friends R U OK?

Connecting regularly and meaningfully can make a massive difference to the mental health of those who are struggling.

Some questions you shouldn’t ask a workmate...R U OK isn’t one of them.

R U OK? Is the right question to ask!

In a world where we’re all connected via technology, some people don’t feel connected at all.

Today is R U OK? Day - an annual national day of actions that aims to get Australians connecting with colleagues, friends, and family to help raise awareness and minimise the impact of depression, anxiety, and suicide.

By simply asking R U OK? you could start a meaningful conversation that could make a world of difference to someone who might not be OK. You don’t have to be an expert to start a conversation.

It’s simple - try it yourself!

•  Ask R U OK?
- Listen without judgement
- Encourage positive action
- Follow up with the person and ask if they have taken their first step
•  Say hello
•  Smile at someone
•  Call someone at work
•  Grab a morning or afternoon coffee with someone
•  Encourage someone to take their first step and reach out for help.

It’s not just about September – every day counts! Let’s create a positive culture that gets people communicating, connecting and improving the overall health and wellbeing of others.

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