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PeoplePlus candidates climbing the corporate ladder

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Breaking into the corporate world is a common dream for many jobseekers who visit PeoplePlus.

And for a couple of clients, this dream eventuated when they secured employment with Shield Mercantile in Parramatta.

Established in 1988, Shield Mercantile provides debt collection services to major Australian clients. Shield’s approach to collections are different from other firms – by providing individualised services, they create streamlined and considered methods to clients based on each individual circumstance.

When Shield Mercantile’s Arrangement Manager Ana was recruiting for vacancies, she was struggling to find candidates who displayed the characteristics they were looking for – diligence, motivation and an ability to think laterally.

It was at this time that Shield Mercantile reached out to Tanya and the Recruitment Team at PeoplePlus for assistance with their openings.

Enter Ryland and Emeline – two of PeoplePlus’ jobseekers struggling to hold down employment due to limited work experience and qualifications.

What they lacked in experience, they made up for in drive and determination.

After updating his resume with his Case Manager and sending it off to Ana, Ryland secured a full-time opportunity as a Customer Service Representative with Shield Mercantile.

Six months later, Ryland is still happily employed with the company. Speaking of his new role, Ryland was pleased with how PeoplePlus helped get his foot in the door of the corporate world.

“PeoplePlus were helpful, willing to compromise and look for employment for me within my desired career path,” Ryland said.

“The job is rewarding. It’s hard work, but it’s a fun and professional environment,” he said.

Emeline, on the other hand, was a university student struggling with her studies due to personal issues that led her to stress and a lack of motivation.

After completing PeoplePlus' resilience training, Emeline pushed through her employment barriers to secure work with Shield Mercantile.

Emeline acknowledged the role PeoplePlus played in securing her job, stating that "PeoplePlus provided friendly and professional case management with good support for the industry I wanted to get in to".

With such strong recruits provided to them, the team at Shield Mercantile couldn’t be happier with the recruitment services provided by PeoplePlus.

Shield Mercantile’s Arrangement Manager Ana shared that “PeoplePlus - and especially Recruitment Consultant Tanya - have been a great assistance to our company with the candidates we have employed in the last couple of months.”

To-date, PeoplePlus has placed more over 10 jobseekers with Shield Mercantile.

“Our employees that came from PeoplePlus are some of the hardest working people we have in the business.

“We have had great feedback from our clients about their phone manner, and feedback from the Senior Managers about their hard work and efforts put towards their role on a daily basis.

“PeoplePlus has been the best recruitment agency we have worked with.

“Their candidates are ready for us, and the recruitment team listens to our requests for the type of candidates we are seeking for particular departments.

“We are looking forward to working more with PeoplePlus and finding more outstanding employees for our business,” Ana said.

PeoplePlus Recruitment Consultant Tanya shared that the perseverance and hard work of the jobseekers and matching them to suitable roles is what impressed the team at Shield Mercantile.

“We’re sending job-ready candidates to Shield – these jobseekers have gone through resilience training and are hungry to get on-the-job and learn and display their skills.

“When the right fit comes along, it just works. There’s nothing better than a happy employer with happy and motivated employees,” said Tanya.

PeoplePlus would like to congratulate Ryland and Emeline on their fantastic achievements Australia and wish them and Mercantile Shield continued success in the future.

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