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Self-Employment Assistance from Asuria puts Podcast City on the map

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Podcast City is a mould-breaking media company based in Adelaide, helping to redefine how small businesses in the region take their message to the masses, a mission that Asuria has been immensely proud to be a part of through its delivery of the Self-Employment Assistance program. 

Founded by a dynamic duo with a passion for storytelling, Ron and Karen Fiedler are not only revolutionising the podcasting and video production arena in SA, but are helping other small businesses to reach new audiences and grow. 

Empowering individuals and businesses to write and tell their own, unique stories, Podcast City specialises in podcast production, voiceovers, audiobooks, videos, live-streaming services, and more. Starting out as radio station volunteers, Ron and Karen have become pioneers in podcasting and video production, with a vision to create a versatile platform for sharing stories, knowledge, and entertainment. 

It was that vision that Asuria Business Mentor, Jane Carnegie, dedicated herself to help making a reality.  

Through the Self-Employment Assistance program, Jane provided Ron and Karen with flexible support services, including small business training, business plan development, and small business coaching. 

Just as important was the endless guidance and support provided by Jane, offering new ideas, inspiration, and encouragement, helping Ron and Karen to refine their business model, expand their network, and attract new clients. 

It’s thanks to the foundation that Ron, Karen, and Jane created that Podcast City now has grand plans to take its brand of innovative, accessible media services to Adelaide, South Australia, and the beyond, establishing itself as the go-to choice for friendly, affordable podcasting and media services. 

Committed to working closely with government and community groups, Podcast City is also setting out to become a leader in social responsibility, promoting diversity and inclusivity, serving individuals with disabilities, LGBTQI+ communities, new migrants, and First Nations people; values that Asuria holds strongly and encourages among all participants in the Self-Employment Assistance program. 

Proudly supported by Asuria, Podcast City’s journey is a testament to the combined power of entrepreneurship, passion, and the professional services available for free through Asuria’s delivery of the Self-Employment Assistance program, making it a worthy finalist in Asuria’s upcoming Employer Awards. 

From radio station volunteers to podcasting pioneers, Ron and Karen have created more than a business; they've established a platform that champions diversity, inclusivity, and business growth, and we can’t wait to see what they do next. 

If you’d like to learn more about how our Self-Employment Assistance program can help you turn your business dreams into a reality, click here. 

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