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Sharon celebrates 20 years with our team

3 minute read

National Quality Manager, Sharon Phayer has been instrumental in leading a level of quality excellence here at PeoplePlus for 20 years. So what has changed over the years when she first joined our team, and what tips doe she have for your career path?

What was your role when you first started at the company?

Back when we were called Tracy & Associates, I started as a Trainer for the Landcare, Environment and Action Program (LEAP). It was a work experience program for young people aged 15–21 years, similar to the Work for the Dole program.

Describe your current role at PeoplePlus?

I’m responsible for ensuring quality and compliance to contract standards across the business, to make sure we deliver excellent services to our customers, clients and funders.

What do you love about your role

I see our role as supporting the stars of the business to stay compliant and get it right.

My job is really diverse because PeoplePlus now has so many programs. Every minute of every day is different. I think it’s important in this job to be flexible and able to adapt to change.

Some people think compliance is boring but it keeps you on your toes so it’s never boring!

What are you really passionate about outside the office?

My real passion is op-shopping, it’s the joy of the find. I go op-shopping every Saturday morning. I’m addicted!

What career advice do you have?

My advice to people taking that journey – always put your hand up and take on those challenges because you never know where it might lead you.

How has our industry changed from your 

When I first started we had around two computers for the business, as well as old-school flip phones.

Technology has also made it easier to communicate with job seekers. It has also allowed us to do really interesting things like using team-based learning technology and webinars. In the industry, I think there’s now more emphasis on us equipping the job seekers to find work rather than doing it for them.

What do you love the most about working here at PeoplePlus over the years?

One of the things I love most about the company is the incredible diversity of our staff. I love that I get to go to so many sites across the country and see people of different cultures and ages and backgrounds working with us. It brings a richness to our company.

I’m really impressed with the way our Executive Chairman,  Con Kittos has bought the company together, so that we all feel like we’re one team and that we are part of one big PeoplePlus family.

That’s something I think he should be really proud of.

I’m just incredibly lucky to have grown with the same company and to have all the opportunities I’ve had. I feel like I’ve had 20 different jobs and I must have worked with hundreds of people over the years.

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