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Spring blooms new businesses in Victoria's South Coast

4 minute read

As spring has sprung, so too have several new Victorian South Coast businesses, as Asuria guided several former job seekers into self-employment through the Government’s highly successful New Business Assistance with NEIS program. 

For Jennifer Goldsworthy, NEIS graduate and Founder of Balance Your World, the program gave her the opportunity to change the direction of her business after sadly losing her husband. 

A qualified Naturopath for 20 years, Balance Your World had never needed an online presence, as   Jennifer relied solely on word of mouth for her clientele. At the time, however, Jennifer’s husband    travelled a lot for work, which she says made it difficult to establish a strong brand. 

“I might be in one town or city for a couple years; I’d build a client base, and then have to move.” 

Making Glenthompson her home in 2020, tragedy struck when Jennifer’s husband passed away in January of this year, after only being unwell for a few months. 

“I was in a different region, with many life changes and I really had to restructure from the ground up to get on top of things again.” 

Having heard about the new business assistance provided by the NEIS program, Jennifer got in contact with Asuria with a desire to take Balance Your World online, and in doing so, service new clients while keeping a relationship with her existing ones. 

With the Balance Your World Website going live in October, Jennifer will be offering online meditation classes and webinars, as well as opening an online store stocked with her own products, alongside other wellness items that are difficult to source in her area. 

Jennifer says that the NEIS program offered her access to resources and skills that she wouldn’t have otherwise known about, but that the support she received from Asuria during one of the most confusing times in her life made all the difference. 

“They were most understanding of any difficulties that I might have had during the training period; they were always available and tremendously encouraging.” 

If you’re from Victoria and dream of turning your passion into a profession, click here to explore your self-employment potential.  

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