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Teen jobseeker Jennifer finds fresh start with Maitland business after tragic loss of father

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Maitland-based teen jobseeker, Jennifer, felt she had nowhere left to turn following the tragic loss of her father last year, before finding a fresh start with a leading local employment services provider, thanks to a special relationship with Asuria Job Coach, Jenny Hurley.

Diagnosed with Complex Congenital Heart Disease, and pre-existing mental illnesses, Jennifer was unable to bring herself to work for six months in 2020, as she grieved the loss of her father and adjusted to a new life as primary care giver for her younger brothers.

That began to change when she met Asuria Disability Employment Services Job Coach, Jenny. In the past, depression and anxiety made it difficult for Jennifer to work with others, and her physical health limited her employment options.

When Asuria Job Coach Jennifer Hurley first met Jennifer, she said: “I saw this young girl, who had been through so much, that I was determined to help her out in any way I can. I think she was just overwhelmed with everything”.

Jenny could sense that Jennifer needed a parental presence, just as much as she needed a job. Helping her to rediscover her confidence, Jenny added a valuable layer of support into Jennifer’s life, accompanying her on shopping trips and to the hairdresser’s and offering her general presence and assistance at a time when Jennifer needed it most.

“She provided a lot of emotional support and was a kind of mother figure in a time where I needed somebody to look out for me and say that they’re proud of me and can support me,” said Jenifer on her relationship with Asuria Job Coach, Jenny.

Using this time to understand Jennifer’s headspace also doubled as job-seeking lessons, as Jenny used this time to practice interview techniques, until Jennifer was ready to transition into more formal appointments.

“It was a bit of a relief that when I was due to start looking for work, that I wasn’t doing it alone, and that I did have that extra support there,” said Jennifer.

Finding comfort in Jenny’s empathy and encouragement, Jennifer’s confidence and spirits lifted, and in a few short months, she began to feel ready to start looking for work.

When the Asuria Maitland Team moved to a new office in late 2020, an opportunity came up for an Assistant Administrator to join the Asuria team.

Attentive, eager, and kind-hearted, Jenny knew Jennifer was perfect for the job, as she embodied Asuria’s enterprising heart, and had the skills needed for the role.

Now a Trainee Administrator at Asuria since December, Jennifer works alongside her former Job Coach Jenny, answering phone calls, emails and supporting the team that have been there for her through her difficult journey.

Enjoying her responsibilities, the friendships with staff, the stability of work, and the escapism it provides from some of the more challenging areas of her life, Jennifer is keen to see where her job at Asuria will take her.

“I’m really enjoying the role, and I look forward to going to work, which is not something I thought I would ever say. I’m excited to figure out my next steps, and now that I have some confidence and experience, I can finally see a positive future for myself.”

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from Asuria’s unique approach to Disability Employment Services (DES), click here to find out more.

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