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Transition to Work provides perfect catch for young participants and local employers

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Seafood Indulgence reels in two Transition to Work Participants after contacting PeoplePlus for our recruitment services.

When you think of buying good quality produce, more often than not, you’re probably thinking about local options. And while the freshness of the food your buying is important, we can almost guarantee that it’s not just the produce bringing you back time and time again; it’s also the caliber of familiarity and trust.

A big part of any successful small business is the customer service and the team behind the magic.

So, when Yianni, Manager of Seafood Indulgence in Mitcham, needed help finding staff to meet the immediate needs of the business, our Adelaide based team at PeoplePlus was contacted.

Our established recruitment services make it easy for employers like Yianni to be paired with job-ready candidates that match their values and skill requirements; helping them to build their ideal team and receive support, even after the employment stage.

At the time, Caitlyn and Matthew had very similar circumstances, as they both hadn’t finished school, were looking to find employment and additionally, were eager to take on further studies in business. They were also participants of the Transition to Work Program, delivered by our Youth Employment Partnership (YEP) team at PeoplePlus Australia.

Transition to Work is an Australian Government initiative, delivered by PeoplePlus Australia and designed to assist young people aged 15-24, become job-ready and secure sustainable employment.

Through the work of our mentors and recruitment team, YEP identified both Matthew and Caitlyn as suitable candidates for roles at Seafood Indulgence and have since thrived through rewarding employment.

“I was nervous, but then I got there [PeoplePlus], and the people were helpful,” explained Matthew.

Before starting work at Seafood Indulgence, YEP Australia Business Support Manager Jade, was able to help them unpack their existing skills and discover new ones by running study groups. Our services also allowed the pair to build up their resume, practice their interview skills and overall find the confidence and motivation to reach their goals.

“The mentors at YEP arranged study groups on-site, and they really helped me to get better at talking to people. It helped to improve my self-confidence. They also topped up my Metro card to help me get there for the study sessions," said Matthew.

Having taken Caitlyn and Matthew on board, we were able to offer Yianni and Indulgence Seafood a Youth Bonus Wage Subsidy. As a part of this wage subsidy, we’re able to cover any training needed to upskill Caitlyn and Matthew in their role. By investing in training for the pair, Yianni has room to grow other areas of the business.

Matthew commenced with Seafood indulgence in late October last year, and Caitlyn was able to start work in June, just as COVID-19 started to slow down. As a result of the longevity and sustainability of working in a comfortable environment, the pair are feeling much more optimistic, motivated and are overall, in a better place.

For Caitlyn, financial stability and meeting new people has been extremely beneficial.

“When I was unemployed, I felt hopeless, and I was really worried financially. I also felt isolated. I now feel I'm in a better spot financially and socially. Talking to people rather than being alone at home has been great for me.”

Similarly, Matthew tells us that employment has allowed him to interact with new people, keeping him busy and stimulated.

“I was bored every single day; I was a bit lonely too. It’s nice having something to do and talking to the people who come to the shop. They are really nice people here.”

The best part is that while the job has done amazing things for Caitlyn and Matthew, they’ve in turn done wonderful things for the business.

Speaking to Yianni, he tells us that their work ethic and enthusiasm is appreciated and reflects highly on the business.

“They make people in the local community feel very welcome, treat people nicely, and make them happy.”

When we asked them both what their advice would be to other young people struggling with employment, Matthew suggested that they, “try to find something to do, even if it’s a hobby, to help boost your confidence and get you motivated.”

While Caitlyn advised for them to never give up.

“There’s always an opportunity out there even if it doesn’t feel like it. Seek a Transition to Work provider to give you help and additional support.”

As a part of our recruitment services, we’re able to continue supporting Caitlyn and Matthew through their employment journey at Seafood Indulgence. All the while, our Post Placement Support services mean that Yianni now has the flexibility to develop other areas of the business with continued support for up to 12 months.

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with Seafood Indulgence for quite some time, a relationship that Jade is proud to have built over the years.

“Seafood Indulgence have been an excellent business to work with. Working with YEP since 2018, they are an excellent family business and embody family values which they teach our participants,” described Jade.

The combination of our services for the Transition to Work program, and our range of recruitment services for employers, have allowed two deserving young people to find stability, and for a local business to grow to new strengths.

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