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Asuria celebrates U Day 2023 with our Enterprising Heart Awards

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On December 1st each year, Asuria comes together to celebrate U Day, a formal day for all of us at Asuria to celebrate our achievements and Enterprising Heart.  

 This year, staff came together across the nation and online. Offices were decorated in our signature Asuria teal as we enjoyed the food and festivities, which were followed by our annual Asuria Enterprising Heart Awards Ceremony.  

 The Asuria Enterprising Heart Awards Ceremony recognises our staff members for their contribution to the company and the positive impact they’ve made on the lives of their co-workers and our customers.  

 Allow us to introduce you to our 2023 Enterprising Heart Award Winners:  

Chairman’s Enterprising Heart Hall of Fame Award:  

Jackie shot - HubspotJackie Moriarty (Manager of Professional Standards, Quality and Compliance Team).

As a seasoned professional here at Asuria, she has proven herself to be a Growth Focused leader with a commitment to Making a Difference for her team and all Asurians. The umbrella of her support extends to Asuria and our Joint Venture Organisations Asuria Training, Bamara, EyrePlus and TRACQS, and Jackie leads her team in looking after each other with the same level of attention and dedication to ensure their continued growth.    


Individual of the Year:

Nicole shot - HubspotNicole Norris (Industry Partnership Manager, Employer Services Team).

Nicole has accomplished a long list of achievements this year alone. In just over a year, she has proven to be an Inspiring and Leading member of Asuria, taking on projects beyond her role and delivering impressive results. Nicole’s shining achievements include the 2022 and 2023 Maritime Operations Program and The Job Mates program, where she delivered strong outcomes for internal and external stakeholders. She has also demonstrated a determination to Make a Difference for First Nations participants and the employment opportunities available to them.  


Rookie of the Year:

Alexandra shot - Hubspot Alexandra Iordanidis (Employer Engagement Consultant, Employer Services Team). 

Alexandra has shown an incredible commitment to being Innovative and Creating Possibilities, and in less than a year has delivered strong results for participants through her forward thinking. She has shown clear innovation in her mission to support the employment opportunities available to Victoria’s participants through creating highly successful ‘Participant Industry Information Sessions’ and improving the presence of Asuria’s Employer Services.  


Team of the Year:  

Marketing team shot - HubspotThe Marketing Team.

The Marketing Team consists of James Kittos, Director of Marketing and SEA, Jessica Cullen, Marketing Manager, Amy Battle, Events Manager, Denise Castro, Graphic Designer, and Cara Bancroft, Marketing Coordinator. Having been identified as Innovative and Creating Possibilities, Growth Focused and Making a Difference, the Marketing Team’s unwavering commitment to excellence and perseverance in the face of challenges has earned them a reputation for consistently generating a high volume of superior quality work.

The Marketing Team has successfully executed numerous campaigns and initiatives both internally and externally for Asuria, Jobedge, TRACQS, EyrePlus and Asuria Training.   Their ability to understand the needs of their colleagues and customers and deliver exceptional results is a testament to their small but mighty team.

Congratulations to all our winners and finalists on your incredible achievements, and thank you to all of our Asuria team members for making U Day so special. Until next year!

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