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Young job seeker kickstarts career keeping people safe

4 minute read

At just 21 years old, Asuria job seeker, Tenaya Birch, has taken control of her future and embarked on a promising career in the security sector.

Dealing with depression and anxiety, Tenaya had struggled to find and stay in meaningful employment, until she entered the Disability Employment Services (DES) program, delivered by Asuria.

 Encouraged to speak to Asuria by her mother, who had previously found work with us, Tenaya was inspired to follow in her mother's footsteps by seeking career opportunities in the security industry.

 Working alongside Asuria's Gold Coast team, Tenaya's Job Coach and Employment Consultant made time to understand her goals by updating her resume and funding her security license renewal, as well as setting her up with additional support from mental health professionals.

 In preparation for entering a somewhat unpredictable industry, Asuria's DES team worked with her to ensure she was mentally prepared to undertake full-time employment.

 After careful assessment of her skills and personality, Asuria used its knowledge of the local business sector and leading employers to approach Trident Services Australia, with the suggestion of strengthening their security team with Tenaya, a driven, young woman with the potential to add greater diversity to the industry.

 Trident Services Australia General Manager, Operations, Michael Solway, agreed, saying women are particularly well suited to a career in security.

 "While security has traditionally been a male-dominated field, we aim to recruit many more women in this area and hope Tenaya's appointment and success will encourage other women to seek out jobs and careers in this industry.

 "In our experience, having women on our security teams brings positive diversity in thought processes, communication skills, and problem-solving, which has strengthened our service offering.

 As a Trident employee, Tenaya has now been placed at Smith Collective Residential as a Security Guard. Her role as Security One makes her responsible for looking after the residents, overseeing noise complaints, ensuring the facility is up to standard, and assisting the residents with things like postal services and lost and found items.

 Tenaya says that it's rewarding to protect and assist the residents, many of whom she has become very familiar with while on the job.

 "I am really enjoying it! Residential is a bit different because it's like a little community that you're helping, and everyone starts remembering your face and you're helping each other and making sure everyone is ok."

 For many people who experience anxiety disorders, work-related stress can be a significant trigger. For Tenaya, Smith Collective has been an excellent fit for her, as her work environment aligns with her needs.

 "I can focus on my customer service and feel a lot more comfortable with myself.”

 Now over six months into her employment, Trident Services Australia General Manager Operations, Michael Solway says he is increasingly impressed by her capabilities, adding: "As expected, Tenaya has fitted right in and is an excellent asset to the Trident team. Tenaya is a very focussed and attentive person, which makes her such a good security guard. She's been a great addition to the team, and we love having her here."

 Since starting her role, Tenaya intends to continue making her way up in the security industry, with hopes that her progress inspires more young women and employers to consider hiring women in areas they may not have previously considered.

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