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10 Places to Find Work in Melbourne in 2022

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The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on employment is undeniable: as of October 2021, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reported an increase in unemployment to 5.2%, while underemployment also increased to 9.5%. 

The good news is that there are jobs opening up in specific sectors due to the pandemic. The National Skills Commission calls these jobs "emerging occupations" in health, business, and cyber security.

Based on this data, let's look at the ten places you can find jobs in Melbourne in 2022. 

1. Childcare

There's always a need for childcare, but the demand has grown now more than ever. Daycare centres are severely short-staffed and struggle to remain open, and licensed childcarers can meet this gap and offer in-home services to families in need. 

2. Aged Care or Disability Care

The elderly and people living with disabilities need care, too, especially in-home care to save on the costs of specialised care. In the wake of COVID-19, these two groups are among the most vulnerable in Australia, and they need additional attention due to hospital and staff shortages. 

3. Nursing

As you well know, healthcare practitioners are stretched to the limit by the pandemic. Every hand that can help is priceless, so you can refresh your skills with a nursing certificate and find work in Melbourne.

4. Teaching

Remote learning has made it possible for teachers to work from anywhere. There is also growing demand for adult and community education as people seek to upskill and remain relevant in the workplace. 

5. Data Analysis  

Businesses are moving online as brick-and-mortar shops have faced COVID-19 restrictions, including lockdowns and social distancing. A data analyst is now a key team member in large and small businesses to help adapt to the changing market. 

6. Solar Installation 

Clean energy is taking centre stage in Australia today, with solar power, in particular, gaining popularity among homeowners. Opportunities for solar rooftop installation are rising in Melbourne and across Australia.

7. Fundraising 

Non-profit organisations need public support now more than ever to support the community through the pandemic. Skilled fundraisers reach sectors to generate public interest and goodwill for their organisations.

8. Digital Marketing 

Similar to data analysis, there is a need for digital marketing specialists to drive sales for online businesses. The digital advertising industry has grown year on year since 2016, and there is still great demand for digital marketers in the coming years. 

9. Cyber Security 

Businesses need to meet regulatory compliance to protect their customer data from theft and exploitation by hackers. A cyber security specialist is essential to keep business data secure for better remote work.

10. Call Centres

Call centres are likely to move back to home soil as overseas facilities shut down due to COVID-19 restrictions. You can now find call centre jobs in Melbourne that you can do safely from your home. 

Challenges of Finding Jobs in Melbourne Today 

These are only 10 out of numerous jobs in Melbourne available today. However, job seekers face many challenges in their search. For example, some may feel that they have little or no work experience for their ideal job, especially after long term unemployment. Job seekers may also genuinely not know how to search for these jobs themselves and may not know which social and professional networks can help with the process. 

To overcome these challenges, the first thing to do is think about your work style practical or hands-on work, administrative work, or even helpful or compassionate work that gives back to the community. 

Once you have an idea of what kind of work you'd like, the next step is easy: talk to a Jobs Victoria Employment Services (JVES) partner like Asuria.

How Asuria Can Help With JVES

Suppose you're finding it difficult to find employment due to your age, mental health challenges, physical disabilities, or any other specific circumstances. In that case, Asuria is a great way to find the ideal job placement.

Asuria is a Jobs Victoria partner that works with mentors to help you find the proper training and work opportunities in Melbourne. Tens of thousands of people have found work successfully with Asuria. We prepare you for training, match your goals to your ideal employer, and offer support for up to a year, so you can keep your job. Our process is entirely free and easy: 

  1. Link up with one of our Asuria JVES Mentors 
  2. Discover your skills, interests and goals
  3. Connect you with our network of Jobs Victoria employers 
  4. Guide you through your new job to help you stay employed.

Job seeking is difficult even at the best times, but free programs like we provide can help you find your ideal job in 2022. Whether you're looking to get your first job, change your career, or find fulfilment after retirement, our JVES Mentors are ready to work with you. Get in touch with Asuria today. 




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