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20 Jobs for People with Depression

9 minute read

Note: There are all types of job prospects with many great employers who are able to utilise your applicable skills without your disability being a concern. Asuria works closely with our candidates to match them with a role and employer where we believe they will succeed. The following list is a small example of potential careers and are suggestions only. It’s important to have an employer or Job Coach that understands your interest, skills, preferences and goals, and matches you with an employer that values the ‘real’ you, and not base your application or interview on a perception of you.

In this article, we'll look at 20 jobs for people with depression. From working as a park ranger in the great outdoors to proofreading text from the privacy of your own home, there's a profession to suit almost all personalities. And remember, we’re here to help you find yours.


1. Gardening

Horticulture offers a wide range of careers in garden centres, greenhouses, professional landscaping firms and botanical gardens. If you love spending time outdoors, gardening may be perfect for you. You'll enjoy a low-stress job, and plants are good for you, both physically and mentally. Did you know that some doctors prescribe plants as therapy for depression and anxiety?

2. Food Delivery

When you're feeling down, helping others feel happy can lighten your mood. And who doesn't feel joyful when their favourite meal arrives on the doorstep?

Some food delivery jobs involve taking meals to home-bound people, who are always thrilled to see a friendly face. Other positions, like delivering for a company like Uber Eats, will have you exploring your community and getting out and about. 

3. Tutoring

Some people love teaching but feel anxious about standing up in front of a crowded classroom. Tutoring can be the perfect alternative, allowing you to share the love of learning with small groups of students.

Tutoring isn't limited to helping teenagers with their maths and chemistry. You can also find jobs teaching adults to be proficient in foreign languages or guiding batches of employees through training modules.

4. Freelancing

If you've struggled with typical 9 to 5 work schedules in the past, freelancing could be an excellent solution. It's not for everyone, and it can be stressful. But many freelancers develop a lifestyle for themselves that caters to their individual needs and talents.

Most people start freelancing by setting up a side business. You can transition from your day job in the future, but don't do that until you can guarantee a steady income through your freelancing.

5. Merchandising

Merchandising is an active job that leaves your mind free to wander. Big stores need merchandisers to unload trucks and stock items in the store. 

Keep in mind that these jobs typically require you to work early in the morning or late at night. If you're a night owl or an early bird, it could be perfect for you. And you'll never get stuck sitting behind a computer screen.

6. Postal Service

Here's another job that keeps you active and engaged. Postal workers get to spend a lot of time outside, and the benefits are typically excellent.

A postal job offers plenty of variety. Sometimes you'll be alone; other times, you'll interact with people. You'll also get to develop friendships with the people you'll deliver. If this kind of mix helps your mental health, you should look into working in the postal service.

7. Florist

Japanese scientists found that inhaling certain fragrances (like lavender and lemon) alters gene activity and blood chemistry to reduce stress levels. What if you could inhale gorgeous floral scents at work all day?

8. Dog-Walking

Taking pups for walks is a low-stress job, and you get to spend your day outdoors. Whether you work for a company that provides this service or make arrangements with your clients, you can usually set your own schedule.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness in the US reports that "dogs reduce stress, anxiety and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and improve your all-around health." With this job, you can enjoy all of these benefits without taking on the responsibility of adopting a pet yourself.

9. Park Ranger

Park rangers get to learn about the natural world, plants and animals, survival skills, camping and more. And it's a perfect job for people who love getting outside and helping others get the most out of their surroundings.

Another benefit is that this job offers a good balance of alone time and time spent with coworkers. Most park ranger positions don't require formal qualifications, and you may be able to receive valuable training on the job.

10. Librarian

Do you love reading? Working in a library can provide a terrific opportunity to make a difference in the world, and there are many different positions to explore.

While many positions require specific degrees in Library Science, libraries and archives employ many people to do things like shelve and organise books, scan and upload documents, help patrons find materials and work the circulation desk.



11. Security

Security guards work in various venues, from concert halls and museums to construction sites and office buildings. If you're a natural night owl or you appreciate having lots of downtime to read or listen to music, working in security might be perfect for you. 

12. Truck Driving

If the open road is calling your name, truck driving might be an excellent career for you. Consistently in high demand, professional truck drivers work in a variety of industries.

You get to explore new places, work mainly by yourself and listen to your favourite tunes or audiobooks while driving. From forklift operating to roadtrain driving, there's quite an assortment of positions available.

13. Computer Programming

Do you have a technical mind? Do you love computers? Today's computer programmers often learn to code online without having to pay for an expensive education. If you don't yet have any job experience in the area, you might consider volunteering your services for a local business or creating a simple app or game to showcase your skills. Computer programmers are consistently in high demand and make high wages.

14. Painter

If social interaction gives you the jitters, working as a painting contractor can get you out and about, earning money while you stay fit and active.

After an apprenticeship, you can often work solo as a painter. And with the completion of each job, you've made your community a little cleaner, sharper and good-looking. It's satisfying to see a perfectly painted wall or house and know that you made it that way!

15. Proofreader/Editor

Do you enjoy working from home? Many proofreaders and editors set their own schedules as they monetise their word skills. Yes, you still do have to deal with deadlines, but it's a job that offers maximum flexibility.

16. Jewellery Making

In an era of mass production, people are craving one-of-a-kind items like handmade jewellery. And with the advent of online shopping venues like Etsy, it's never been easier to buy and sell these trinkets. Put your creativity and eye for beauty to work by starting your own jewellery making business. 

17. Software Tester

Some people love computers and software, but they don't want the responsibility of writing code. If this sounds like you, consider a job as a software tester. 

The developers don't always get it right. After all, even one wrong character can set the design team back hours. They need testers to pick up on the bugs they missed and perform other related duties.

18. Photographer

Photographer Tara Wray has spoken out about how photography forced her to get outside of her head while experiencing depression symptoms. In an interview with U.S.-based National Public Radio, Wray said of her camera, "It helps me move through an environment with a purpose when I might otherwise feel out of place." If you can relate, consider working in the photography field. Whether you take family photos or sell your work in galleries, photography can give you a new perspective on the world.

19. Housekeeper

If getting paid to exercise sounds good to you, consider working as a housekeeper. You can listen to your favourite music and podcasts while you clean, and you get to stay active while you work. Some people work for agencies, and others increase their wages by striking out on their own. You could specialise in cleaning homes, offices, schools or even hotels.

20. Artist

Some of the world's most famous artists coped with depression, including Georgia O'Keeffe, Edgar Degas and Mark Rothko. It's no coincidence that many people with depression turn to art as therapy. Modern scientific research shows that participation in the visual arts has a positive impact on mental health.

Still not quite sure of your next step. Reach out to us at Asuria. A helpful Job Coach will contact you shortly to answer questions and talk about what kind of job might interest you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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