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Artificial intelligence to make Asuria’s job-matching even smarter

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Asuria is excited to announce that from 2022, we’re going to be turning to the power of artificial intelligence to help us become even smarter when it comes to matching job seekers with the most suitable jobs and careers.

To create what we’ve called the Job Matching System (JMS), we turned to some of the country’s leading experts when it comes to the employment sector and data science.

Through a partnership with Deakin University, our work with Professor Jo Ingold, Dr Andrew Goh and Dr Jerry Lai will allow Asuria’s Job Coaches to use a specially designed and exclusive machine-learning algorithm, to identify the most suitable jobs and careers for our job seekers.

The Job Matching System will use modelling on job seeker characteristics, coupled with an anonymised dataset of over 6,000 former Asuria job seekers, to suggest the occupations most likely to result in sustainable employment for our job seekers.

Taking in new data all the time, as more job seeker outcomes are uploaded, the JMS will be able to continuously improve its accuracy and ability to help job seekers to find and stay in work.

From the mid-2022, Asuria will roll out access to the JMS at its offices across Australia, as part of our commitment to provide the most up-to-date and effective employment services possible; though when it comes to making the final decision about the right jobs and careers for job seekers, Asuria’s Job Coaches will continue to make those decisions.

Con Kittos, Chairman and CEO of Asuria, says: “We can’t wait to flick the switch on the JMS and put another excellent tool in the hands of our Job Coaches. However, with personal relationships continuing to sit at the heart the connections we build, when it comes to what’s best for our job seekers, Asuria’s Job Coaches will always have the final say.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Asuria’s Job Matching System could help you to find your ideal job or career, click here to get in touch.

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