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Five tips for keeping your social media professional

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Nowadays, more than ever, recruiters are turning to social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to seek and out ‘screen’ their next hires.

With over 88% of internet consumers using social media, you can bet your bottom dollar that employers are giving you a quick social media stalk.

Your social media is a way for an employer to get a sense of the person behind the resume. While an impressive list of qualifications is promising, it doesn’t prove you have a good moral compass. Your personality and values are just as important as your skills when it comes to getting a job.

Your social media is a personal space that allows you to express your thought and interests, and if you’re posting inappropriate content, an employer is going to see that as a massive red flag.

Below are some tips for making your social media profile attractive for employers and recruiters.

Keep work comments positive

Regardless of the platform, you use most often, negative comments about work are simply inappropriate and can harm your professional reputation. If you are unhappy with something it is best to address issues in person.

Deriding a colleague online is also extremely unprofessional, even a post as simple as, "dreading going to the office" or "bored at work”, can have serious consequences.

Monitor your privacy

Learn about privacy settings on each social media platform and set them accordingly. No matter what platform you use, there is usually an option to make your profile private. Double check your settings to ensure you are aware of your own privacy status on each of your social media profiles.

But remember, even if your profile is private your posts are still seen by friends/connections. If you post an unprofessional post, then you’re still building an unprofessional picture of yourself even if your profile is private.

Our Recruitment Manager, Tanya Shaheen, advises to regularly take a look at your social media profile(s) from the eyes of a future employer.

Your digital footprint can be the first impression to your employers.


Choose the right photos – that you consider to be professional

Carefully select your profile picture. Choose pictures of you participating in a sporting event perhaps, at a fun family gathering or a simple portrait would be acceptable.

Aside from your profile picture, you should also be mindful when posting any photo. Think twice before posting any picture(s) that you feel are appropriate. You can “untag” yourself if you’ve been tagged in an unprofessional photo so your network won't be able to view the photo.

Consider asking friends to delete the photo if it’s particularly embarrassing. Or alternatively, choose the private setting for your social media profile(s).

Watch your language

Double check your statements for typos before posting. If you do realise that you made a typo, most of the social networks let you edit it.  If you want to be taken seriously, make sure everything you write is grammatically correct and void of typos. Also be sure to keep your tone as positive as possible when posting online.

Use your social media profiles to build your network

Use social media to your advantage in shaping your professional life. Become familiar with each of the social media platforms and the features of each one. Find the right channel for your needs.

Establish a presence on LinkedIn if you haven’t already and seek out connections in your industry to create a network and enhance your professional growth.

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