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From having no resume, to landing employment in five days

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Finding your first job is often the hardest, and with little to no experience, it can sometimes feel impossible to grab an employer’s attention. 

For 19-year-old Melissa, a blank resume left her feeling defeated and unsure of how to move forward; that was until a friend recommended her to Asuria.

Falling within the 15 -24 age bracket, Melissa was eligible to join the Transition to Work (TtW) program, delivered by Asuria, which supports young people to become job-ready by concentrating on their strengths and respecting their goals as jobseekers.

It’s through the TtW program that Melissa met with our hardworking and loyal Haymarket Job Coach, Emma.

Having arrived at her first appointment believing that she didn’t have the tools or experience to find work, Melissa left with a full resume, a job interview, new clothes, and a topped-up Opal card.

And by Friday, she was starting work at Rebels and Misfits Café!

Going from being unemployed her whole life to starting a new job within a week, Melissa says she was blown away by how organised Emma was: “I was surprised, I couldn’t believe so much happened so quickly. It took so much unnecessary stress off everything when, after months of things not being completed, it’s just all done in one day.”

While finding work is the end goal for many of Asuria’s job seekers, it’s also important that participants feel like they can access further opportunities, as education and employment go hand-in-hand.

Emma supported Melissa through her Certificate III in Business, assisting Melissa with any questions she had while completing her studies during appointments. 

Melissa has since completed her Certificate III in Business, with her new employer, Chirag, owner of Rebel’s and Misfit’s café, attending her graduation day. 

Understanding that we all need to start somewhere, along with the value of training and positive reinforcement, Chirag says he’s thankful to have Asuria supporting his business: “There are a lot of young kids looking for work, and they [Asuria] know exactly what sort of candidate to have ready for us.”

Continuing to check in with Melissa regularly in the early period of her employment, Emma says it’s been a privilege seeing Melissa grow: “When I first met her, she was very shy. Since finding work, she’s started to find her voice, and I’m very proud of her; she blossomed into a confident woman.” 

With aspirations to start a career in graphic design, Melissa is keen to use this time to further settle into employment with a focus on saving money and exploring new skills.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from Asuria’s Transition to Work (TtW), click here to find out more.

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