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How mature age workers provide excellent benefits for your business

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We know how much of an investment employees are to any business. In addition, businesses still face the issue of turnover as employees look to move up the working ladder, change industries or simply find that a better job has come along.

So where do businesses look to recruit employees who are committed to working, looking for stability and make their business more productive?

The answer could be simple, and we are looking at why mature-aged workers may be the perfect solution to filling recruitment gaps in businesses and organisations.

Government Incentives

Wage subsidies are available to help your business hire and keep new employees. Your business may be eligible for government funding of up to $10,000 for hiring a mature aged worker aged over 50.

For businesses who are eligible, wage subsidies are provided by PeoplePlus to your business for a period of over six months.

The Australian Government’s Restart is a financial incentive for businesses and organisations to encourage and retain workers who are aged 50 or older. As an employer, you can negotiate how often you receive the incentive payment, with the added bonus of a “kickstart” payment of up to 40 per cent after four weeks of your mature aged job seeker commencing employment.

The reward to your business isn’t just financial –you’re also securing an experienced and mature employee for your workforce.


AETS Mature Age Workers Pledge

Our team at AETS (Australian Employment and Training Solutions) also recently made a pledge to engage more employers through a Mature Workers Employment Pledge as part of the Career Transition Assistance (CTA) program.

CTA is delivered across Ballarat and Adelaide South and is a new initiative to help mature age job seekers build their confidence and become more competitive in their local labour market. The pledge is designed to support and educate employers of the value of mature aged workers while reducing age discrimination.

Employers who sign up to this pledge will provide our job seekers with a foot in the door or directly into a job, work trial or work experience. Since the launch of the program in July 2018, more than 20 employers have made the pledge.

Here at PeoplePlus, we live by our word, with approximately one-fifth of our workforce being mature aged.

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Photo: (Left to right) Kirsty Hunter-Kerr - PeoplePlus Ballarat Region Assistant Branch Manager | Nancy McRae- CTA program participant | Christine Haintz - AETS Career Transition Assistance Facilitator | Philip Ryme - CTA

Diversify and improve your workforce

According to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, there is evidence that mature aged workers can save you money due to lower absenteeism, make your business more productive and help you learn and adjust to new technologies in the workplace.

Additionally, older workers can come with several years of experience from a few or various industries. And whilst the way we work has changed, it’s important to note that many business principles have remained the same and that being professional and sharing skills are just as important as ever.

“Mentoring young employees and filling skills gaps is a wonderful way for mature aged workers to contribute to their new workforce.

"Not only are they helping to improve your business, but they’re also looking at your business from a different perspective – one that employers might not have looked at before,” shared AETS Training Facilitator, Russell Vincent.


Company loyalty and work ethic

Older workers tend to find their niche – and stick to it. For many workers of the '70s and '80s, employees often worked at only one or two companies within their professional career. By working with fewer employers, mature aged workers can have a deeper understanding of how businesses operate from the ground up, having developed the experience through years of direct experience.

Additionally, mature age job seekers bring a wealth of knowledge and life skills to workplaces, simply by having a few more years of employment under their belt and can jump into a new business and immerse themselves entirely.

“Older workers are often available for extra work and overtime due to their lessening family responsibilities at home.

"They’re confident and set a good example, they can often prefer to communicate face-to-face or via phone, and they’re proud of a job well done, which many businesses and organisations desire,” Russell said.



To find out more about how PeoplePlus can assist you with recruiting a mature-aged worker and government incentives, contact us today on 1800 773 338 or email contactus@peopleplusaustralia.com.au

For more information about the Career Transition Assistance program delivered by AETS, contact our team today on 1800 872 297 or email info@aets.edu.au

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