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Asuria’s Customer Administration Specialist Lucy shines a light on working with disability

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Here at Asuria, we love recognising and celebrating the hard work of our incredibly talented team. So today, we’re introducing you to Lucy, who recently sat down with us for a chat about her experience working with Asuria, a Disability Employment Services provider, and how she found life-changing employment at Asuria. 

Commencing with Asuria as a participant in July 2018, Lucy first met our team when she connected with her Mentor Jonathon, through our Disability Employment Services to receive assistance in finding work. Determined to find a job that made the most of her abilities, it was also important that she found employment that could provide a safe and accessible environment for her disabilities, which include hearing impairment, a heart condition, and special needs.   

Working with her Asuria Mentor Jonathon, the opportunity came up for the role of Asuria Customer Administration Specialist, and Lucy was put forward as a top candidate. Her positivity, talent, and friendly nature won over her interviewers, and she was welcomed into the Asuria National Customer Service Team with open arms.  

Having been part of the Asuria National Customer Service Team for nearly two years now, her co-workers know Lucy as friendly, hardworking, and always ready for a chat. Lucy has cemented herself as an essential part of the team, with Lucy and her support network recognising how life-changing her role at Asuria has been. 

“Lucy has faced many challenges in finding a suitable job with an employer who would give her a chance. Her guardian has expressed gratitude for what Asuria and myself have done for Lucy, explaining that it meant so much to Lucy to have a job with such supportive and caring colleagues,” - Jonathon, Asuria Mentor. 

In Lucy’s role, she has built up her communication and computer skills, and her confidence. Each day Lucy takes on a wide variety of administration and data entry-based tasks that help to support Asuria’s National Customer Service Team. She takes a detailed look through call logs to find participants who need to contact our team. This vital work ensures the rest of the team can follow up with participants, strengthening the service that our Customer Service Specialists provide. 

“My job has been amazing. I love my job because it’s so special. I like making new friends and hanging out with work colleagues. I love everything about Asuria,” says Lucy, Customer Administration Specialist.

DSC06393Pictured: Lucy.


Pictured left to right: Alex, Lucy, Jonathon.

Lucy has seen Asuria through years of growth and has played a vital role in helping her team to grow to where it is today. Working in a team of 23 staff members, under a group of leaders committed to seeing their team achieve their full potential, the National Customer Service Team is in good hands. 

Lead Customer Service Specialist Alex works directly with Lucy to ensure she has everything she needs to thrive, including being more aware of speaking clearly and openly to assist with Lucy’s lip reading. Lucy also continues her regular check-in’s with Asuria’s Disability Employment Services Post-Placement Support Team to give her fortnightly opportunities to discuss her work progress and ongoing needs.  

“Asuria has been able to provide a lot of support to Lucy to help her integrate into the wider team, and this normally involves her Mentor coming in on a fortnightly basis to sit down and speak with her and conduct that Post-Placement Support that we would do with any other client of Asuria’s,” says Alex, Lead Customer Service Specialist. 

Asuria always aims to provide a nurturing and growth-focused environment to give our staff members every opportunity to achieve their full potential. The diverse experiences within the National Customer Service Team are welcomed and celebrated, making Lucy and her co-workers such a vital team within the Asuria family. This team recently won Asuria’s 2022 Team of the Year Award, which recognised all 23 team members for their support of each other, and the innovative solutions to assist Asuria’s clients. Lucy’s vital work is invaluable to ensuring that the National Customer Service Team can achieve the best outcomes for all Asuria clients.

At Asuria, we seek to understand our participant's life experiences and skills, so we can best support their desires to gain fulfilling, long-term employment. We also have a team of qualified Mentors and a Wellbeing Specialist Team to help participants every step of the way.  

As an employer, Asuria aims to provide an inclusive working environment that considers the needs of our team members, to ensure they can thrive in their roles, just like Lucy. 

As Lucy continues her role as a Customer Administration Specialist, we look forward to seeing where her Asuria journey takes her. We have no doubt she will achieve anything she sets her mind to! Watch her recent video here to learn more about Lucy and her journey with Asuria. 

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