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There's no place like home: Asuria helps Mazvita get back on track

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Life has a way of throwing challenges at us when we least expect it. In August 2022, resilient 20-year-old Mazvita found herself in a difficult situation. Coming to Australia from Zimbabwe, Mazvita had moved from Perth to Melbourne with hopes of a brighter future. 

Mazvita’s journey in Melbourne began on shaky ground. With no job or permanent home and incomplete high school education, the odds seemed stacked against her. During this challenging period, she was introduced to Asuria and began to see some positive change.  

Mazvita connected with Asuria’s Workforce Australia - Transition to Work program in August 2022, when she began attending the Asuria Coburg office. She met with Team Leader Suzanne, who was determined to help Mazvita overcome her obstacles.  

The immediate hurdle that Suzanne wanted to address for Mazvita was accessing a stable home environment. She connected Mazvita with external housing organisations, including Launch Housing, to assist in finding shelter for Mazvita. Housing was eventually sourced at a local women’s dormitory, giving Mazvita a temporary safe haven so she could start to focus on other goals.  

While working as a temporary babysitter, Mazvita began to unlock a desire to work with children in a more permanent way. Suzanne guided her toward enrolling in the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care program at Selmar Institute, taking the first steps towards a career she was passionate about.  

The Asuria Coburg team wasted no time taking steps to enhance Mazvita’s work readiness and rebuild her confidence. To help her prepare for interviews, Suzanne worked with Mazvita to update her resume and market her skills to potential employers.  

While completing her studies, the Asuria Transition to Work team continued to look for work for Mazvita and were eventually able to uncover an opportunity at Chemist Warehouse in Southbank. Employed as a Pharmacy Assistant, Mazvita has been working part-time for more than six months and has achieved newfound financial independence and self-sufficiency. She remains dedicated to her studies and job, and Asuria continues to provide her with valuable Post-Placement Support to keep her on track.

Mazvita’s story is one of resilience, determination, and triumph. Through her unwavering spirit and Asuria’s steadfast support, she transformed her life from uncertainty and adversity to promise and success.  

Reflecting on her journey, Mazvita emphasises the pivotal role Asuria played in her transformation, “Asuria has been more than a service. They have been a supportive family during the time that I’ve been here, and they’ve always been here for me, whether it’s just to chat, help with something, or motivate me to keep going with my goals.”    

Suzanne, who witnessed Mazvita’s journey firsthand, speaks of her with admiration and pride, “Mazvita is a determined, hard-working, and resilient person who lights up any room she walks in. She has always consistently engaged in our program despite the hardship she has gone through. I’m excited to see her journey ahead, and I am proud of how far she has come.” 

Mazvita’s story reminds us that with the right tools, we can overcome even the most daunting obstacles and achieve our dreams. If you’re between the ages of 15-24 and would like assistance getting the skills, experience, and qualifications needed for a pathway into work or study, click here to check out Asuria’s Transition to Work Services. 

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