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Motherhood and building a career; Asuria Job Coach shares the power of lived experience

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Our mothers do a lot for us. They’re strong and compassionate, loving and kind, and so much more! So, this Mother's Day, we'd like to celebrate one of our very own.

She’s a ParentsNext job Coach by day, and a super-mum by night. Asuria Job Coach Dunia has balanced being a student, employee, volunteer, wife, and a mum for many years.

Having walked similar journeys to that of her Fairfield clients, Dunia's trials and tribulations have made her an inspiration to countless ParentsNext mothers in search of finding fulfilling employment.

It was 2009, and Dunia was excited to welcome the birth of her first child. Having just migrated to Australia from Iraq, she faced additional challenges including a language barrier and a lack of emotional support, as her family was overseas.

Not long after the birth of her son, Dunia tragically lost her mum to breast cancer. Reflecting on that time in her life, Dunia recalls the bittersweet feeling of raising her son but not being able to share it with her mother.

"You don't have family close to you. You don't have a friend you can tell to share your pain. But, at the same time, your kids need you, and you need to do something for your future,” said Dunia.

The first few years of motherhood weren't easy, as Dunia often felt isolated living in a foreign country. Unwilling to accept her circumstances, she decided that investing in her career would help her reclaim parts of her identity.

With plans to use the Law Degree she obtained in Iraq, Dunia's world was turned upside down when she was told that her degree wasn't recognisable in Australia.

She would have to start her employment journey from the beginning.

Having worked tremendously hard to study English and volunteer in her spare time, Dunia was sure that completing a Certificate III in Business would land her employment, but she struggled to find anyone willing to hire her.

Although still unsuccessful in the job front, in 2014 Dunia was thrilled to bring a baby girl into the world, and once her daughter was old enough for childcare, Dunia found casual work as a support worker after completing a Diploma of Community Services.

Despite enjoying being a support worker, the travelling required for the role became too much to manage. Still, Dunia continued her search for the perfect career.

A truly resilient woman, in 2020, Dunia's perseverance led her to becoming an Asuria ParentsNext Job Coach.

In her role, Dunia loves helping other mums realise their potential.

"I share my experience with them, which helps them find their pathway. I see participants engaging, and that's what I want. They understand me because they hear a relatable story.”

After thirteen years of studying, working, and raising her thirteen-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter, there is no denying that Dunia is an absolute powerhouse with some serious multitasking skills.

Her advice to other mothers is to take each day as it comes and to be patient with themselves along their journey.

“You wouldn’t believe how many times I tried and applied for full-time jobs and was rejected. Don't give up. Follow your goals, even if it's just a small step."

We are beyond lucky to have Dunia as part of the ParentsNext team, as she truly understands the highs and lows of parenting. To all the hard working and beloved mothers out there, Asuria would like to wish you a happy (and hopefully relaxing) Mother's Day.

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