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Mum of three swaps the home for the warehouse

4 minute read

Stephanie had been a stay-at-home mum since 2013, raising her three young children. Stephanie cherished and enjoyed her time at home, but she also wished to return to work and find financial independence once all her children were enrolled in school.

 Stephanie had spent a significant amount of time out of the workforce and didn’t have an active resume, which made her believe that no one would find her employable.

 After being referred to Asuria’s ParentsNext Services, Stephanie walked into the Asuria Werribee office in July of this year, where she met Asuria Mentor, Jigisha.

 During their first appointment, Stephanie and Jigisha went through her barriers which included long-term unemployment, and her COVID-19 vaccination status.

 Although lacking confidence about her options, Stephanie trusted that Jigisha would be able to guide her, so they started by creating a basic resume.

 “I was nervous, and I was anxious, but over time you overcome it,” said Stephanie.

 To further help Stephanie with her journey to employment, Jigisha collaborated with Tailored Workforce Recruitment and referred Stephanie to their services. There, Stephanie did three-weeks of Pre-Employment Training, which elevated her personal development and customer service skills.

 Asuria Mentor Jigisha guided Stephanie through her training and continued to be her shoulder to lean on whenever self-doubt started to creep back in.

 After completing her Pre-Employment Training, a warehousing position became available, which caught Stephanie’s eye.

 Applying for the role of Pick Packer at Browntrout Publisher, Stephanie aced her interview and landed the job.

 Now, almost two months into the role, Stephanie is doing thirty hours a week and is already looking to move up.

 “I’m loving it because it’s really hands-on, and within a few weeks, I’ve had the forklift position offered to me because my work ethic has just been incredible, so Asuria is helping me get my forklift license.”

 After nine years of being a stay-at-home mum, Stephanie has seen a shift in her mood and confidence, as employment has helped her rediscover aspects of her personality outside her role as a mum.

 “Mentally, I feel amazing! When I was at home, it was the same thing every day, and it could get depressing. It’s rewarding to have more independence.”

 Looking towards her future, Stephanie says she’s excited to see where her career takes her.

 “Asuria and the ParentsNext program has helped put me in the right direction. Maybe I will continue in warehousing, you know; I might be able to work my way up and become a coordinator or a supervisor one day.”

 Asuria is incredibly proud of Stephanie for taking a leap of faith and finding independence and balance in returning to work, and we’re looking forward to continuing our journey with her through our post-placement support.

If you're a parent and are interested in exploring our services for the ParentsNext Program,  click here. 

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