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New Year's Resolutions to boost your career

5 minute read

The start of the year is a chance to start afresh; a clean slate to write a new story. 

Often, the focus of New Year's Resolutions are on material or physical things - weight loss, fitness, investing money, saving for holidays.  

However, a recent article by Business Insider uncovered that 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by February.  

So when it comes to career development, how can we ensure that self-reflection leads to personal development in the long-run? This new year, we're looking at easy to stick to resolutions that can help you boost your career, skills and employability with the help of some simple planning and organisation.  


DIY performance review

Looking back is a great way to move forward. By undertaking a self-assessment on your performance of your prior year’s work, workers are able to reflect on their successes, failures and areas of improvement. Additionally, re-establishing ongoing goals is helpful when employees are looking to take their work to the next level.  

Self-reflective sessions are almost as important as reviews with your manager or employer – performing a self-assessment prior to yearly performance reviews are an excellent opportunity to display your sense of growth, both on a personal and professional level.  



You can never go wrong with investing in yourself and upskilling your qualifications. Whether you’re looking to diversify your skillset or develop your current vocation, further training and education is a sure-fire way to gain a professional edge over other applicants and job seekers.  

“Short courses and training are great ways to boost your resume by showing your future employers that you are prepared to continually learn and develop your skills,” shared Emma Crichton, Executive Director - Skills at PeoplePlus. 

“These additional qualifications give job seekers an advantage when applying for jobs, they also provide transferable skills if and when a worker decides to change industries. 

“Our programs are a great way for trainees to gain a competitive edge when entering the workforce or changing roles,” Emma said.  


Network and connect

Meeting like-minded workers and job seekers sound easy – and it is. In the digital age, joining groups on networking sites such as LinkedIn can go a long way in developing your professional network. Keeping on top of your company and its competitors’ social networking accounts allows you to keep abreast of industry news and updates whilst also allowing you to interact with colleagues, industry professionals and like-minded workers.  

Additionally, podcasting is becoming seen as the “new networking”. Simply listening to industry-related podcasts is an easy way to boost your knowledge whilst also receiving expert insights and advice. And best of all – it can be done during your morning or evening commute! 

Podcasts allow you to listen to the thoughts and ideas of industry leaders who are at the forefront of new opportunities that are coming to fruition.  

And if you’re willing and eager, starting your own podcast can help you build relationships and develop content that could help establish you as an up-and-comer in your area of expertise.

Further information

If you’re interested in upskilling and boosting your career prospects, contact PeoplePlus Australia today on 1800 773 338 or email to contactus@peopleplusaustralia.com.au

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