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Thriving against the odds: Tharidhu's success with Jobs Victoria

4 minute read

Embarking on a journey to pursue a bachelor's degree in Global Studies with a major in International Relations and Sustainability at La Trobe University, Sri Lankan student, Tharidhu found himself faced with an all-too-familiar challenge among students worldwide: financial hardship.

In May 2022, Tharidhu attended the Couch International students' event, an occasion that would prove to be a pivotal moment in his life. It was here that he encountered the Jobs Victoria team from Asuria, who were committed to assisting students like him in their quest for part-time employment to support their studies and daily expenses.

Registering with Asuria’s Jobs Victoria program in May 2022, Tharidhu began his journey towards a brighter future. Recognising the significance of local connections and a deep understanding of the labour market, he was fortunate enough to be paired with Regional Manager, Meryana, based at Asuria's Richmond office. Together, they embarked on a collaborative quest to identify Tharidhu's unique challenges and align them with his personal interests.

Through their shared efforts, the duo concluded that the hospitality industry presented the most promising avenue for Tharidhu. With its flexible hours, this sector offered the ideal balance between work and studies. Empowered by Meryana's guidance, Tharidhu refined his resume and effectively showcased his skills and potential to prospective employers within the hospitality realm.

The fruits of their labour became evident when a month later, Tharidhu secured a sales/customer service representative role with the renowned Guzman y Gomez Restaurant Group. However, as with many beginnings, he encountered initial hurdles related to work clothing and transportation expenses and Asuria swiftly came to his aid ensuring that he had the necessary support to thrive in his newfound employment.

Now, having completed a year on the job, Tharidhu works an impressive 30 hours per week, skilfully managing both his professional and academic responsibilities. With the financial stability that his job provides, he can confidently navigate his student life while focusing on his studies. Grateful to Asuria’s Jobs Victoria program for granting him this life-changing opportunity, Tharidhu expresses his deep appreciation for the program that not only connected him with suitable employment but also empowered him to take control of his future.

Looking ahead, Tharidhu envisions a path that blends his academic expertise and real-world experience. Armed with the newfound confidence that his employment has bestowed upon him, he eagerly anticipates entering the workforce related to his field of study upon graduation. Tharidhu's journey serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of determination and the invaluable support provided by Asuria’s programs like Jobs Victoria.

Meryana speaks of him with great admiration, stating, “Tharidhu is a highly positive and motivated individual who is not afraid to reach out for help and work hard on his dreams. Tharidhu was determined and committed to achieving his goals and has taken all the necessary actions to change his own life with the support of Jobs Victoria; we are proud of Tharidhu and wish him all the best in his future.”

To those facing similar circumstances, Tharidhu imparts words of wisdom and encouragement. He, says, “Life is a roller coaster ride, so have a vision, drop down the excuses, swerve around your obstacles and trust your journey because if you want to be the best, you must always be willing to do things that other people aren't willing to do. Cast aside excuses, navigate skillfully around the obstacles that come your way, and trust in your unique journey.” 

If you would like support to become work ready and find a job that suits you, click here to learn more about Asuria's Jobs Victoria Services.


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