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The Asuria Employer Awards

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Recognising recruitment done differently 

Nicole Grainger-Marsh with caption-1"Today marks the start of a new tradition for Asuria, one where we celebrate the incredible contributions of our employer partners."
- Nicole Grainger-Marsh, Asuria Australia CEO 

The Asuria Employer Awards set out on an important mission to celebrate the significant contributions of employers and partners in providing job opportunities to those often overlooked or marginalised by the conventional recruitment process. 

The goal was to recognise organisations that adopt innovative recruitment practices to create inclusive workplaces and offer meaningful employment pathways. 

The stage: the prestigious Sydney Harbour Marriot Hotel, where more than 30 of Asuria’s employer partners came together to celebrate the contribution of their peers towards ushering in Australia’s workforce of tomorrow. 

 The Judges 

"At Asuria we are committed to empowering employers to create diverse workforces."
- Nicole Grainger-Marsh 

Before the ceremony commenced at the prestigious Marriott Hotel at Sydney’s Circular Quay, Australia’s top recruiters had already been shortlisted by a panel of employment and recruitment experts. They included:

Suzanne Jo Ross
  • Suzanne Colbert AM, Founder of the Australian Network on Disability.
  • Jo Ingold, Professor of Business (Human Resource Management), Peter Faber Business School at the Australian Catholic University.
  • Ross Clennett, Recruitment Coach and Recruitment Industry Commentator. 

Each were chosen for their extensive experience and knowledge in human resource management, public policy, and the recruitment industry.  

Finalists & Winners 

"Standing here, I see a room full of employers who have decided to 'do recruitment differently.'"
Nicole Grainger-Marsh 

Innovative and dedicated employers and recruiters across Australia made it through a rigorous selection process, where they were shortlisted across six categories.

Diversity and Inclusion Impact Award: The focus was on employers who supported participants from diverse backgrounds to welcome and retain them successfully.  

Finalists included Cripps, Woolworths Proactive Services, and Havilah Hostel.  

Winner: Cripps for their comprehensive approach to diversity and inclusion in recruitment and retention.

Cripps with caption-1First Nations Excellence Award: Recognising employers dedication towards reconciliation and employment inclusivity for First Nations people. 

Finalists included Ventia’s TRECCA initiative, CommBank, and Coles. 

Winner: TRECCA, a Ventia Initiative, for its effective First Nations employment pathway development.

TRECCA with captionLocal Champion Award: Rewarding outstanding recruitment practices among a local community. 

Finalists included Castings Tasmania, Steel Frame Solutions, and M&L McLean Cleaning Services.  

Winner: Castings Tasmania for leadership in regional recruitment and creating long-term employment pathways.

Castings Tasmania with caption Small Business Start-Up: Recognising individual entrepreneurship and community impact.  

Finalists included Mowing Motivation, Keto Kapers, and Podcast City. 

Winner: Mowing Motivation for innovation, growth, and community impact.

Mowing Motivation with caption Innovative Recruitment Solution Award: Acknowledging bold recruitment solutions that diverge from the norm. 

Finalists included Babana Aboriginal and Tribal Warrior, Accommodation Australia, and Catalyst Education. 

Winner: Babana Aboriginal and Tribal Warrior's Maritime Operations Program for its effectiveness and cultural sensitivity.

TW BB with caption Enterprising at Heart Award: Rewarding businesses whose values are in alignment with Asuria’s core ethos. 

Finalists included NRMA Marine, Programmed Skilled Workforce, and Workforce Road Services. 

Winner: NRMA Marine recognised for its thorough commitment to inclusive employment and excellent retention rates. 

NRMA Marine with Caption "The awards symbolise the commitment every finalist here has shown in supporting opportunities for underrepresented candidates."
- Nicole Grainger-Marsh 

 Case study: NRMA Marine, winner, Enterprising at Heart Award

Employer Awards 4 NRMA EA 3 NRMA EA 2

The Maritime Operations Program -- a collaboration between Asuria, Babana Aboriginal, Tribal Warrior, and NRMA Marine -- provides hands-on training and job opportunities for Asuria’s First Nations participants, opening doors to meaningful employment, even for those who have faced extreme adversity.  

In being named winner of the Enterprising at Heart Award, NRMA Marine demonstrated a level of inclusion and courage that went deep into their employment processes and outcomes. NRMA’s commitment to reconciliation in the area of staffing was not only authentic and culturally meaningful, it deeply impacted not just the participants involved in their recruitment programs, but stakeholders throughout the community. 

Collecting the award, Michael Betteridge, General Manager of Tourism Development at NRMA Marine, said: “The NRMA lives, breathes, walks, and talks our commitment to the communities we’re a part of, and I’m immensely proud to accept the Enterprising at Heart Award.” 

 Changing Lives

Guests applauding with caption"Our shared vision is not simply about pairing candidates with any available job; it goes far beyond that."
- Nicole Grainger-Marsh 

The Employer Awards set the stage for recognising efforts to change lives by 'doing recruitment differently'. 

Through personalised, tailored recruitment services, Asuria and its partners have collectively changed over 500 lives in the past year, demonstrating a commitment to understanding candidates' strengths and tailoring roles to individual needs. 

Noting the power of progressive employers to change lives through jobs and careers, Nicole Grainger-Marsh said: "Today marks the start of a new tradition for Asuria, one where we celebrate the incredible contributions that our Employers, Partners, Industry Associations, and their members have made."  

Nicole added: "Together we are making an impact on people’s lives, by looking beyond the barriers of underrepresented candidates and supporting the growth of meaningful, sustainable employment opportunities, a standard for the future of employment in Australia."

Through Asuria’s efforts and partnership with award-winning companies, numerous individuals from various backgrounds, including First Nations people, people with disabilities, and those facing barriers to employment, have secured meaningful employment.  

With two notable examples and special guests present at the awards to share their stories. 

 Brittany Taylor

Brittany Taylor with captionBrittany finished her studies in 2018 and started working in a casual job. Later, she heard about an exciting opportunity as a Team Member with Woolworths Proactive Services. After completing the recruitment process, she was offered a job at the Rosehill store in April 2023. She enjoys working with the supportive team and has been taking on more responsibilities as her confidence and experience grows. 

 Thomas Wright 

Thomas Wright with caption-2Thomas Wright, a proud Dunghutti man, was able to secure a job as a general purpose-hand with My Fast Ferry after participating in the 2022 Maritime Operations Program. He was named winner for Supply Chain and eCommerce Student of the Year at the 2023 TAFE NSW Gili Awards, and finalist for Achiever of the Year at the 2023 NESA Awards for Excellence. Thomas now sits on the newly established Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) committee at the NRMA Group, contributing his voice and insights to create a more inclusive and culturally safe organisation. 

 Employer Awards that made a difference

Nicole Grainger-Marsh presenting with caption"Together we are making an impact on people’s lives, by looking beyond the barriers of underrepresented candidates."
- Nicole Grainger-Marsh 

The Asuria Employer Awards marked a significant moment for the employment industry, showcasing a transformative approach to recruitment that brings together diverse employers, partners, and job seekers to create strong and diverse employment outcomes. 

The awards celebrated the culmination of efforts from a wide variety of sectors in championing inclusive employment practices. By recognising organisations and initiatives such as Cripps, TRECCA, Castings Tasmania, Mowing Motivation, Babana Aboriginal / Tribal Warrior, and NRMA Marine, the Employer Awards highlighted how recruitment can be reimagined to embrace diversity and tap into the potential of underrepresented candidates. 

By bringing together stakeholders from various backgrounds and industries under one roof to celebrate their achievements, the awards demonstrated the power of 'doing recruitment differently'; something that not only benefits job seekers but enriches the broader community and sets new standards within the employment industry. 

 A Rewarding Future 

With employers, participants, staff, and the media all contributing to a highly successful event, the stage is now set to build on the in-augural Employer Awards, inspiring and rewarding more employers to do recruitment differently, and have their achievements recognised by their peers.

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