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Afghan Women’s Soccer Team chase employment goals in Victoria

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A year after the Taliban regained control of Kabul and Afghanistan in August 2021, Asuria, in collaboration with One Training, is proud to have helped the Afghan Women’s Soccer Team reach an important milestone in their journey to create prosperous new lives for themselves in Australia, with the completion of a ten-week training program designed to help each of them acquire key skills to support their pathways to employment in Victoria.

At a graduation ceremony at AAMI Park in August, Asuria and educational consultants, One Training, came together to recognise their completion of the course, and kick off the next phase of their job searches.

Having arrived in Australia in August 2021, the women joined the Jobs Victoria Employment Services (JVES) program, from Asuria, in April this year, with the goal of helping each of them become job-ready, by gaining important job seeking skills, and learning about job opportunities in their area.

Since signing up with Asuria to participate in the JVES program, Asuria Mentors have been working one-on-one with the women’s team to help them to develop their work and training pathways.

As the first steppingstone, Asuria enrolled ten women in One Training’s Transition Program, a ten-session course conducted over ten weeks that covers employability skills, the labour market, resume writing, and managing internal and external stresses.

All ten of the women graduated, receiving a certificate of completion to support their job searches and future engagement with potential employers.

Captain and goalkeeper for the team, Fatima, says that she’s grateful to be on this journey with her teammates.

“The main thing is that we’re alive right now, and it’s because of our team that we were together, and we will be together; fingers crossed. I’m really hopeful for the future as we are trying to accomplish much more, it’s not just about sport; besides that, we have our education, and we have to care about that.”

Asuria’s continuing support for members of the Afghan Women’s Team will include frequent appointments and check-ins to motivate and reverse market each of them.

Mursal, the centre-back defender for the team, says that Asuria has helped the women realise their potential.

“Our confidence since we joined Asuria, is better than it was in the past because we [the team] have learnt something new about ourselves. Now they [the team] want to speak English and build their own career, and they have the motivation to find employment.”

Asuria’s Partnerships and Project Manager, Darren Richards, explains that Asuria’s role with the women is just beginning.

“Our role as support for the group doesn’t end here. We continue to support them through Asuria’s Mentors and offer them extra assistance wherever needed, to ultimately place them within sustainable employment where post-placement support will also be provided.”

Darren also says that it’s been a privilege to team up with  One Training to watch the ladies discover their full potential.

“It’s truly amazing to be able to create opportunities for all these incredibly brave women. I saw these women on day one, very shy and not really willing to say much to gradually coming out of their shells and starting to engage more, their language and comprehension developed immensely.”

“The ability for Asuria and One Training to work together so collaboratively to achieve this goal was the major key behind all the success.”

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