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Asuria Australia 2022 Tender Results Statement

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We are delighted with the Department of Education, Skills and Employment’s decision to award Asuria, and our subsidiary Australian Employment and Training Solutions (AETS) with a significant number of new contracts to deliver key Federal Government employment programs across Australia, including Workforce Australia Services, Transition to Work, Employability Skills Training, Career Transition Assistance and Self-Employment Assistance.

The full list of regions across which Asuria will be delivering 46 Government contracts over the next five-year period is as follows:


  • Capital Region
  • Sydney East Metro
  • Sydney Greater West
  • Sydney North and West
  • Mid North Coast


  • Ballarat
  • Barwon
  • Bendigo
  • Goulburn/Murray
  • Inner Metropolitan Melbourne
  • North Western Melbourne
  • North Eastern Melbourne
  • South East Melbourne and Peninsula
  • Western Melbourne
  • South Coast of Victoria
  • Wimmera Mallee


  • Brisbane South East
  • Gold Coast
  • Somerset


  • Hobart and Southern Tasmania
  • North and North Western Tasmania


  • Adelaide North

Our preparation for the commencement of these new contracts on July 1st is already underway, and we look forward immensely to bringing Asuria’s job seeking expertise, innovation and support to those communities soon to be new to our care.

As well as supporting job seekers in each of these areas to reach their employment potential, we will also be creating a number of new roles with Asuria. We would encourage anyone interested in exploring a rewarding career helping Australians to find and stay in work to visit asuria.com.au/careers for updates.

Commenting on the tender outcomes, Con Kittos, CEO and Chairman of Asuria, says: “These outcomes, and the growing trust placed in Asuria by the Federal Government, are a testament to our proven ability to help Australians reach their employment potential, delivered through our team of caring and dedicated Job Coaches, and the commitment to innovation we will continue to bring to the sector.”

As a highly rated provider of Government employment services across Australia for the past 25 years, we are well placed to bring our expertise in helping people to reach their employment and education goals to those areas we will shortly be expanding our range of services into.

Through industry leading initiatives such as our partnership with Australia’s most influential industry associations to provide job specific pre-employment training, our collaboration with Junior Engineers to offer Cyber Security qualifications for people without a degree, and our agreement with Back2Work to provide fast-tracked mental health support for young job seekers, we are confident in our ability to bring our best-in-class services to all those eligible for our support.

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