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10 Reasons to Use a Jobs Victoria Mentor

6 minute read

Jobs Victoria Mentors are special people. They spend their days helping their fellow Victorians find fulfilling work. And if you need their service, they’d like to help you!

Some job seekers have a criminal record or battle drug or alcohol dependency. Some are new to Australia and haven’t mastered English yet. Others battle mental health issues or physical challenges, and others may have other personal circumstances that make it hard for them to find work. 

Whatever your challenge in finding and keeping meaningful employment, you may be eligible for professional help under the Jobs Victoria Employment Services (JVES) program. Let’s look at ten reasons to use a Jobs Victoria Mentor.

1. Support on your terms

Not everyone needs the same kind of assistance, and that’s why it’s helpful to work with somebody who can support you on your terms. Job Victoria Mentors deliver services in person, online, and on the phone to connect job-seekers with employers looking for quality staff members.

2. An outside opinion

When you’re looking for a job, you might ask friends and family to review your resume or give you feedback on answers to common interview questions. But you might have a sneaking suspicion that a stranger would be more honest with you. After all, your family and friends love you, and they don’t want to hurt your feelings. 

While your Jobs Victoria Mentor will like you, too, they’ll give you honest feedback to improve your materials and job-seeking skills, so you have the best chance of landing the position you want.

3. Access to resources

Many people have desires to grow their skills and would like further training or assistance to level up in their careers. Your Jobs Victoria Mentor knows about all the programs available to help you fill those gaps, whether you need digital literacy training, communication development or practise on your interviewing skills.

When you join the Jobs Victoria Employment Services (JVES) program, not only can your Mentor connect you with suitable local employment opportunities, but they can also connect you with community services to develop your professional learning.

4. Someone to speak for you

Jobs Victoria Mentor Matt Murphy appreciates being able to speak on behalf of people who don’t have anyone else to vouch for them. And this is incredibly important in some cases. For example, let’s say you have a poor work history or a criminal record. Even though you’ve turned your life around, you may not have evidence of the change on paper.

That’s where your Mentor comes in. In an interview, Matt Murphy said, “Being a Jobs Victoria Mentor, I’m able to speak on their behalf – to explain why or how they can be of benefit to that business.” Asuria can do the same for you.

5. The bigger picture

You may be laser-focused on finding your next job, but sometimes it’s helpful to consider how your current job search fits in with your long-term career goals. Your Jobs Victoria Mentor can broaden your perspective and help you to see how your decisions now will impact your life and career in the years to come.

6. Industry connections

We all have our personal networks, and those connections are gold when it comes to finding a job. How would you like to tap into a much broader network than the one you have now?

Jobs Victoria Mentors work with employers every day, and these employers often come to them when they’re looking to fill positions. So why not ally yourself with somebody who can introduce you to a wide range of people and their connections?

7. Apprenticeship programs and education

Sometimes, the best next step is to improve your level of education through apprenticeship or degree programs. But if you’ve never known anyone who has followed that route, you might not know where to start. Your Jobs Victoria Mentor can help you through the process, improving your building a fulfilling career.

8. Access to inclusive employers

Some employers are already geared up to accommodate team members with particular challenges. For instance, an office may already be equipped to manage employees who use wheelchairs. You may not know who these employers are, but your Jobs Victoria Mentor can connect you with them, if that’s what you need.

9. Support during your transition

After you land a job, your Jobs Victoria Mentor will still stay in touch--ensuring your training goes smoothly and addressing any concerns. The first weeks and months at a new job can feel overwhelming; there’s so much to learn and many people to meet. Having the support of your Mentor will ease the transition and increase your odds of long-term success.

10. It’s free!

Comprehensive job support sounds like it would be expensive or restricted to an exclusive set of people. But that’s not the case!

The Jobs Victoria Employment Services (JVES) program is available to Victorian residents who are Australian citizens, permanent residents or temporary residents under Australia’s refugee and humanitarian program and hold a visa with the right to work. You must also have been unemployed for at least six months, or be at risk of long-term unemployment due to employment barriers and lack adequate support through other services.

If you meet these minimum requirements, reach out to us at Asuria! We’d love to connect you with a Jobs Victoria Mentor who will support your job search in all the ways mentioned above. So ring us at 1800 773 338, or fill out this form. Let’s get you on the path to success!

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