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NEIS: The Business Start-Up Opportunity You’ve Been Looking For

Starting a new business is an exciting adventure – but it can be confusing, with the constant...


Each for Equal: Working together to accelerate equality

March 8th marks the celebration of International Women's Day (IWD) - a day that recognises and...

Success Story,

Local connections and industry passion pay off for Matt

The sound of machinery echoes throughout a large warehouse, sparks of steel glisten, and then...

Success Story,

Gary and Jackie melt hearts and metal with new business

The year is 1985, and Gary and Jackie Roberts have just tied the knot. It’s been 35 years since...

Success Story,

Where are they now? Bel and Madam Chi Chi's one year on

From four white walls and no furniture, to chandeliers and a wholesome kitchen; it’s easy to see...

Success Story,

Close relationship with Schnitz Ballarat sees our jobseekers flourish

There’s a lot of responsibility involved in being an employer, including (yep, you guessed it)...

Success Story,

Tom turns the tables on a successful music career and opens studio

He won an ARIA Award in 2004, two ABC Music Awards and toured Australia and abroad for 18 years.


Season's Greetings and Christmas Closure Dates

On behalf of the team here at PeoplePlus, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New...


How training and experience helped Cassandra land a corker of a career

Finding a job after school can be tricky for many. And for Bendigo’s Cassandra, it was even...

Mental Health,

Trust the Signs, ask your colleagues today, R U OK?

Today is R U OK? Day.

Success Story,

AETS Tassie's star student scores award nomination

The life of a student is a constant ebb and flow. Sometimes the motivation is there, sometimes...


Passion and focus on students sees Emma secure a VET Trainer/ Teacher of the Year nomination

Around a month ago, Emma Ikin received an interesting email.


Celebrating 2019 National Skills Week

Today marks the start of National Skills Week!


Stephanie Miller wins the 2019 NESA Bright Star Award

Stephanie Miller, our Lead Disability Employment Services (DES) JobCoach has won the NESA Bright...


Five tips for keeping your social media professional

Nowadays, more than ever, recruiters are turning to social networking sites like Facebook and...


Restoring hope - how Rahnee bagged a career that she loves

When it comes to finding work, everyone hopes to one day find a sustainable job that they love....