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Success Story, Featured, ParentsNext,

A father’s second chance: Scott turns his life around for his daughter

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the unconditional love and sacrifice that fathers show in their...

Success Story, ParentsNext,

Breaking long-term unemployment brought Ashleigh’s future into full bloom

Asuria participant Ashleigh had her hands full, home-schooling two teenage daughters and caring for...

Success Story, Self-Employment Assistance,

A sweet symphony: Dion sees success in the music industry

While playing in a local Brisbane band and working five nights a week in a restaurant, aspiring...

Success Story, Self-Employment Assistance,

Mastering craftsmanship: Kossalii Design's quest for excellence

Kim Jaewoo and Camille, the dynamic couple behind Kossalii Design, started their journey in...

Success Story, Self-Employment Assistance,

Jewels of ambition: Haley's path to becoming her own boss

After completing Year 8 of school, Haley found herself adrift, uninterested in continuing her...

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Top ten list of dos and don’ts used by professional employment experts to get people into jobs

Lifting the lid on the techniques taught and used by hundreds of professional employment experts...


Under pressure: Work-related stress and how to handle it

We’ve all felt the pressures of stress at some point in our professional life. Most, if not all...

Self-Employment Assistance, News,

Unlocking the Keys to Success: Navigating the World of Business Funding

Greetings! I'm Con J Kittos, an entrepreneur in my 60s who built a successful business, Asuria...

Success Story, Disability Employment Services,

Diverse abilities, unlimited dreams: Lloyd's path to achievement

From his kindergarten years, Lloyd faced the challenges of living with autism, struggling with...

Success Story, Workforce Australia,

Patrick turns over a new leaf in landscaping with the help of Asuria

In 2022, Patrick struggled with mental health issues that made it difficult to maintain his work...

Success Story, Workforce Australia,

Mark ferries a brighter future through the Maritime Operations Program

When Mark first came to Asuria’s office in Marrickville in August 2022, he felt unmotivated due to...


How to find and overcome 'Health Anxiety'

Good health and well-being are essential in allowing us to function, and from time to time we may...

Success Story, Jobs Victoria,

Thriving against the odds: Tharidhu's success with Jobs Victoria

Embarking on a journey to pursue a bachelor's degree in Global Studies with a major in...

Transition to Work, Events,

Asuria's Inaugural Youth Jobs Fest: Empowering young adults for a bright future

On May 16, the vibrant atmosphere at Bunjil Place, Narre Warren, Victoria, was electrified with...

Featured, Self-Employment Assistance,

From sweat to success: How Asuria's Self-Employment Assistance program empowers fitness entrepreneurs

As a nation that champions active lifestyles, and values personal wellbeing, Australia holds...

Success Story, Self-Employment Assistance,

Keto expert Emma builds booming nutrition business through Asuria's Self-Employment Assistance Program

When Emma was young she struggled with body image issues, but the one thing that made her feel...