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Asuria Australia

Confidence the key for ParentsNext participant, Sarah

Working for a professional not-for-profit law firm whilst completing her Master's in Law, on the...

Fast-tracked psychological support now available to Asuria job seekers

With COVID continuing to add to the mental strain the nation is under, and with wait-times for...


New Business Assistance With NEIS: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’d like to start your own business, Asuria can help you as a provider of New Business...

Asuria opens employment PaTHways for job seekers post lockdown

Like many others, Asuria Transition to Work participants, Harry Khalil and Jeff Jittrong, had a...

Adopted Sydneysider finds fresh start with Asuria

A new job, a new home, a new life.

Quick Guide to Starting a Business With No Experience

Starting your own business is a big step for anyone, but that’s especially true if you have no...


How Workers With Disabilities Can Improve Your Business in 2022

About 4.3 million Australians live with a disability, and although the majority of employers are...

Artificial intelligence to make Asuria’s job-matching even smarter

Asuria is excited to announce that from 2022, we’re going to be turning to the power of...

Asuria launches Jobs Victoria Employment Services program

On the 25th of November, Asuria, in partnership with the Western Bulldogs Community...

Meet our 2021 Asuria Enterprising Heart Award Winners

It’s been one year since we formally relaunched ourselves as Asuria in December 2020!

Asuria celebrates its first U Day

On December 1st, 2020, we formally relaunched ourselves as Asuria.


10 Ways Parents Can Help School Leavers into Work

As young people go from being students year after year to becoming school leavers, they often...

Disability Employment Service professionals, Employers,

Employing Workers With Disabilities: Where to Start

If you are preparing to hire a worker with a disability, then there are a few things to consider...


Asuria partners with 25 industry associations to address labour shortage

Asuria is teaming up with over 25 of Australia’s leading industry associations – those...

Finding a Job With ADHD: 5 Things to Know

If you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the process of looking for a job...

Asuria celebrates Western Sydney Jobs Festival success

This November, Asuria teamed up with Acadiam (formerly the Aboriginal Advancement Alliance) to...


Choosing a Trade: Guide for VIC Job Seekers

Choosing a trade is a big decision, but it shouldn’t be intimidating or paralysing. On the...


What is the Transition to Work Program?

For many young people, transitioning from high school to full-time employment poses challenges....


Asuria makes headlines with plans to place thousands into cyber security jobs

Asuria, and coding education specialists, Junior Engineers, have been making headlines across...


Leaving School in 2022? How to Find a Job You Love

When you leave school and decide to enter the workforce, there are some challenges that you'll...

Young job seeker kickstarts career keeping people safe

At just 21 years old, Asuria job seeker, Tenaya Birch, has taken control of her future and...

Construction Industry Taster - Western Sydney Jobs Festival

Asuria has partnered with Acadiam to provide a platform for employers in Western Sydney to speak...

Care Industry Taster - Western Sydney Jobs Festival

Asuria has partnered with Acadiam to provide a platform for employers in Western Sydney to speak...

Meet the Employer event leads to 100 job offers

Care Sector employers in Adelaide North together dished out  100 job offers at a Meet the...


10 Free TAFE Courses in Victoria to Consider

With the expansion of Victoria’s free TAFE initiative, there’s never been a better time to add...

Disability Employment Service professionals,

Jobseeker Tips for the Visually Impaired

Searching for a job can be intimidating, especially when you have a visual impairment. But...


10 Reasons to Use a Jobs Victoria Mentor

Jobs Victoria Mentors are special people. They spend their days helping their fellow Victorians...


Looking for a Job in Victoria? Where to Start

Job-seeking might not make your list of top ten activities, but it’s exciting nonetheless. A new...

Disability Employment Service professionals,

How to Choose the Right DES Provider

Australia’s Disability Employment Services (DES) exist to help people with disability find and...

Success Story, Community,

5 Steps to Finding Your First Job After High School

The transition from high school to employment can be overwhelming for any young adult....

Disability Employment Service professionals,

How to Become a ‘Disability Confident’ Employer

In addition to running a successful company, most business owners strive to make a positive...

Spring blooms new businesses in Victoria's South Coast

As spring has sprung, so too have several new Victorian South Coast businesses, as Asuria guided...

Asuria STEPS up for Cerebral Palsy

Last month, the team at Asuria laced up their runners and put their best foot forward by taking...

Mental Health,

7 Tips for Overcoming Anxiety on Your Job Search

Looking for a job can be stressful, and when you add anxiety disorders into the mix, you might...


Employment Tips for People with Learning Disabilities

According to Health Direct, up to 1 in 10 Australians has a learning disability, with the most...

Aspiring photographer snaps up opportunity with the Port Adelaide Enfield Council

Coming of age is never easy, as it means having to think about what to do with the rest of your...

Mental health Peer worker and Asuria participant receives bursary to suicide prevention summit after overcoming her own battle with PTSD

A 62-year-old suicide prevention Peer worker who has drawn on her own experience living with...

Asuria prepares 13 Indigenous workers for new jobs with WestConnex through the Workplace Readiness Program

13 Indigenous job seekers have taken up roles as civil and tunnel workers, plant & equipment...

Disability Employment Service professionals,

Employment Advice for Parents of a Child with a Disability

“What kind of work will my child be able to do?”

Disability Employment Service professionals,

10 Benefits of Employment for People with Spinal Disorders

How can employment improve your life when you’re dealing with a spinal disorder? Working can...

Celebrating triumph as Asuria throws young job seekers a memorable graduation

Transition to Work (TtW) participant, Tori, is well on her way towards a bright future after...

Job seekers kick goals and secure jobs as Asuria teams up with Collingwood Football Club

Asuria and Collingwood Football Club have proudly coached a team of job seekers into starting...

Asuria embraces Heal Country for NAIDOC Week 2021

In the spirit of reconciliation, Asuria acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of Country...

Disability Employment Service professionals,

20 Jobs for People with Anxiety

Note: There are all types of job prospects with many great employers who are able to utilise...

Disability Employment Service professionals,

20 Jobs for People with Depression

Note: There are all types of job prospects with many great employers who are able to utilise...

From having no resume, to landing employment in five days

Finding your first job is often the hardest, and with little to no experience, it can sometimes...

Disability Employment Service professionals,

20 Jobs for People with Lower Limb Deficiencies

Note: There are all types of job prospects with many great employers who are able to utilise...

Disability Employment Service professionals,

20 Jobs for People with Spinal Disorders

Note: There are all types of job prospects with many great employers who are able to utilise...

Disability Employment Service professionals,

10 Ways Employers Can Improve the Experience of Workers with Disability

If there was a one-size-fits-all method for helping all employees to thrive, cultivating happy ...

Asuria’s NEIS services support Kyneton local through dramatic post-covid career change

Autumn saw a rush of new businesses arrive in Bendigo and surrounding suburbs as Asuria guided...

Disability Employment Service professionals,

10 Social Benefits of Employing a Person with a Disability

Improving employment opportunities and outcomes for people with disabilities can significantly...

Disability Employment Service professionals,

10 Benefits of Employment for People with Anxiety

Anxiety affects about 14 per cent of Australians aged 16-85. That’s a lot of people, and if...

NICI and Asuria create recipe for success as Indigenous job seekers enter Sydney’s top kitchens

While many of us may think we’re MasterChef’s, chances are we’d be on the chopping block if we...

Disability Employment Service professionals,

10 Benefits of Employment for People with Depression

Looking for work is hard in the best of times. When you’re dealing with depression, a job search...

Disability Employment Service professionals,

20 Most Common Disabilities for Job Seekers

When you have a disability, you might feel intimidated by a job search. Will you be able to...

Former job seeker Jackson thrives in post-COVID pub role

Central Coast Job Seeker, Jackson Sneade, seemed to be doing all the right things in his job...

Disability Employment Service professionals,

Job Interview Tips for People with a Disability

Job interviews can cause shaky knees and sweaty palms for anyone. For those with any type of...

Disability Employment Service professionals,

Mindset and Emotions: How to Control Your State of Mind

Searching for a job can cause a rollercoaster of emotions. Some job descriptions fill you with...

Teen jobseeker Jennifer finds fresh start with Maitland business after tragic loss of father

Maitland-based teen jobseeker, Jennifer, felt she had nowhere left to turn following the tragic...

Asuria brings 1,000 young jobseekers together to tackle youth unemployment

1,000 driven young jobseekers, alongside experts including journalists, researchers, employers...

Asuria helps Bendigo new businesses get 2021 off with a bang

Bendigo graduates of the Government’s NEIS program from Asuria include ‘Me & Mary Jane’, ‘Venom...

Asuria’s Paul Williams appointed to oversee $780k Adelaide North COVID-19 Local Recovery Fund

After a difficult and unpredictable year for employees, jobseekers and businesses due to the...

PeoplePlus Australia is now Asuria

We’ve certainly come a long way.


PeoplePlus hosts first Community Development Program Leadership Forum

Last week saw PeoplePlus host the Community Development Program Leadership forum in Sydney,...


PeoplePlus and David Jones working together to support our Indigenous Jobseekers

Through our employment services, we’ve assisted countless Indigenous jobseekers into meaningful,...

Success Story,

Providing solace for Matt helps him embark on a new beginning

As a victim of domestic violence, Matt felt he had nowhere to go. After being referred to our...


Allied Health putting words into action for R U OK? Day

At PeoplePlus, mental health and wellbeing is a significant part of the services we offer our...

Success Story,

Transition to Work provides perfect catch for young participants and local employers

Seafood Indulgence reels in two Transition to Work Participants after contacting PeoplePlus for...


Chevelle’s journey on the road to positive mental health and stability

After years of short-term work, Chevelle found lasting employment as we continue to support her...

Success Story,

How Jason set the wheel in motion by crafting his passion into profession

For Jason, a former school teacher of 17 years, pottery was always more than just a hobby that...


NEIS: The Business Start-Up Opportunity You’ve Been Looking For

Starting a new business is an exciting adventure – but it can be confusing, with the constant...


Each for Equal: Working together to accelerate equality

March 8th marks the celebration of International Women's Day (IWD) - a day that recognises and...

Success Story,

Local connections and industry passion pay off for Matt

The sound of machinery echoes throughout a large warehouse, sparks of steel glisten, and then...

Success Story,

Gary and Jackie melt hearts and metal with new business

The year is 1985, and Gary and Jackie Roberts have just tied the knot. It’s been 35 years since...

Success Story,

Where are they now? Bel and Madam Chi Chi's one year on

From four white walls and no furniture, to chandeliers and a wholesome kitchen; it’s easy to see...

Success Story,

Close relationship with Schnitz Ballarat sees our jobseekers flourish

There’s a lot of responsibility involved in being an employer, including (yep, you guessed it)...

Success Story,

Tom turns the tables on a successful music career and opens studio

He won an ARIA Award in 2004, two ABC Music Awards and toured Australia and abroad for 18 years.


Season's Greetings and Christmas Closure Dates

On behalf of the team here at PeoplePlus, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New...


How training and experience helped Cassandra land a corker of a career

Finding a job after school can be tricky for many. And for Bendigo’s Cassandra, it was even...

Mental Health,

Trust the Signs, ask your colleagues today, R U OK?

Today is R U OK? Day.

Success Story,

AETS Tassie's star student scores award nomination

The life of a student is a constant ebb and flow. Sometimes the motivation is there, sometimes...


Passion and focus on students sees Emma secure a VET Trainer/ Teacher of the Year nomination

Around a month ago, Emma Ikin received an interesting email.


Celebrating 2019 National Skills Week

Today marks the start of National Skills Week!


Stephanie Miller wins the 2019 NESA Bright Star Award

Stephanie Miller, our Lead Disability Employment Services (DES) JobCoach has won the NESA Bright...


Five tips for keeping your social media professional

Nowadays, more than ever, recruiters are turning to social networking sites like Facebook and...


Restoring hope - how Rahnee bagged a career that she loves

When it comes to finding work, everyone hopes to one day find a sustainable job that they love....

Success Story,

How Senimili safeguarded her career in security

A career in the workforce wasn’t something on Senimili’s radar, having been on and off...

Success Story,

How Ala turned the tables and took control of her career goals

When it comes to taking a new direction in life, the journey can often present various...


Making the most of your commute to the city before a job interview

So, after months of applying for jobs, you’ve finally scored yourself an interview, slight...


Empowering young Indigenous Australians to kick-start a career in Maritime Operations

As part of our 2019 NAIDOC Week celebrations, we're looking back on some of the highlights of...


Voice. Treaty. Truth. How PeoplePlus is working towards a shared future

PeoplePlus is proud to be getting involved for NAIDOC Week 2019


How to convert your business dream into a reality

We’ve all been there where a lightbulb moment crafts up a brilliant idea that springs into life.


Graduation day the icing on the cake for our aspiring business students in Adelaide

It was time for a celebration for a special group of students this week, with 15 graduates all...


How to dress your best for job interviews

An interviewer's first impression is often a lasting one, so the way you present yourself during...


Review: 2019 PeoplePlus Jobs Fairs

PeoplePlus recently presented three successful Jobs Fairs at Bendigo, Ballarat and Sydney,...

Mental Health,

Mind yourself: Taking care of your mental health

We all have times in our lives where we experience ups and downs, and it’s normal to experience...


Mum’s the word: An insight from working mothers at PeoplePlus

Mums. They’re the hardest working people on the planet.


Jobs Fair: Four reasons why you should attend one

Jobs fairs bring together employers, training providers and recruiters all in one place,...


The kids are off to school - now what?

Returning to work once your children start school is a daunting task for many parents.


PeoplePlus committed to working together for better futures on Norfolk Island

PeoplePlus Norfolk Island Branch Manager, Heather Bruce


PeoplePlus Jobs Fairs to showcase local collaboration for better futures

PeoplePlus Australia will be presenting their 2019 Jobs Fairs, aimed to connect people to local...

Success Story,

How Bouchra has thrived through the power of community connections

Think of Morocco, and you might picture a travel destination which is full of rich history,...


Team Based Learning: Technology meets employability skills

In 2016, we began a global search for new and best practice learning methods that would...


How mature age workers provide excellent benefits for your business

We know how much of an investment employees are to any business. In addition, businesses still...


PeoplePlus continues to deliver strong performance with 5-Star jobactive employment services

The Department of Jobs and Small Business has released their jobactive Star Ratings and...


More Powerful Together: Celebrating International Women's Day

Today marks the celebration of International Women’s Day – a day to reflect on how far we as a...

Success Story,

It seems like only yesterday: Sally Sinclair

Despite being the CEO of the National Employment Services Association (NESA), Sally Sinclair,...


How Wendy got her life back on track through the power of partnerships

Where do you go when everything seems to be going wrong? How do you bounce back after hitting...


AETS pledge their commitment to mature aged workers

AETS (Australian Employment and Training Solutions) this week pledged to engage more employers...


How to prepare for jobs of the future

Predicting the future is rife with complexity.


New Year's Resolutions to boost your career

The start of the year is a chance to start afresh; a clean slate to write a new story. 

Success Story,

How Ashlee turned her passion for writing into a rewarding start-up business

Throughout her early years, Ashlee always had that burning passion for doing something creative...


ATAR results – now what?

Many secondary students across Australia have recently received their ATAR scores, comparing and...


Exploring Possibilities and Setting Goals for AccessAbility Day 2018

During the week of 26th to 30th of November we took part in AccessAbility Day 2018 - a new...


PeoplePlus to deliver quality training to Norfolk Island from 2019

Assistant Minister for Regional Development and Territories The Hon. Sussan Ley announcing that...


Christmas casual work a gift that keeps giving

The tail-end of the year is an excellent time to start looking for a new job. As 2018 comes to...


Our team unite to support White Ribbon Day 2018

Today is White Ribbon Day which is an international day led by men and boys working to end...


Seasonal harvesting jobs the pick of the crop

There's something pure about working on the land. Waking up at the break of dawn, breathing in...

Success Story,

Sharon celebrates 20 years with our team

National Quality Manager, Sharon Phayer has been instrumental in leading a level of quality...


Over 300 people attend the Eat Shop Chop Festival with YEP Australia and Thread Together

Our team of staff and participants for the Transition to Work program delivered by YEP Australia...

Success Story,

From teacher to foodie. How Belinda is cooking up a new hub of culinary delights at Maryborough

Belinda had a dream for her local community. It was opening a place in Maryborough where people...

Success Story,

How Mohammed became a shining example from new beginnings to securing a rewarding career

For the past two and a half years, Mohammed has worked as a security officer at the railway...


Training Days: Gavin Rowell

When I was younger, I wanted to be a police officer.

Mental Health,

Our team is passing the message across Australia for RUOK? Day 2018

Today, on R U OK? Day, we're taking action to ask our colleagues, families, and friends R U OK?


Leading the way with global industry leaders to reshape workplaces of the future

How can national and local leaders better prepare people and places for the new world of work?...


PeoplePlus launches 2018 Stars for Hire campaign

PeoplePlus Australia has launched its third successive Stars for Hire campaign.

Success Story,

Lessons learnt from the streets to lessons earned at university

On any given night across Australia, 1 in 200 people is homeless. Recent census data also...

Success Story,

It really is never too late to try something new

On the fringes of the Bendigo CBD, Elizabeth tends to an inbound enquiry displaying a quiet...


Team Maroubra doing us proud

An exciting week lies ahead for everyone here at PeoplePlus – particularly for our team in...


Shaking up Disability Employment Services

July 1, 2018 marked the start of the new Australian Disability Employment Services (DES) program...


Shining the spotlight on 2018 National Skills Week

Today marks the beginning of National Skills Week for 2018!

Success Story,

How Rodney got his life back from the brink

It’s not always easy to re-enter the workforce after a long stint on the sidelines.


AETS to deliver services for the Career Transition Assistance program

From July 2, 2018, AETS (Australian Employment and Training Solutions) will deliver a new...


PeoplePlus now delivering services in over 100 locations across Australia

Today marks a major milestone for the team at PeoplePlus.


PeoplePlus to expand services for the ParentsNext program across Australia

PeoplePlus is pleased to announce that we have been appointed by the Department of Jobs and...


2018 Australian Jobs Report is now available

Around 12.4 million people employed in Australia New South Wales is the largest employing state ...


East Coast Passage & Maritime Program

What a voyage it has been for the crew on board the Coral Trekker for our East Coast Passage &...


Working together on the local PaTH to employment

When the Youth Jobs PaTH program launched back in April 2017, it was heralded as a new and...


A million reasons to smile for jobactive




PeoplePlus appointed to deliver Time to Work Employment Service

PeoplePlus is proud to have been appointed by the Department of Jobs and Small Business to...


Training Days: Phil Mitchell

The plight of a single-program Trainer is not all that easy.


Helping to get new businesses off the ground in Bendigo

All smiles at our Bendigo branch where our NEIS training group conducted their final...


Michael sets his wheels in motion by turning a dream into an exciting career

Everyone has a dream in life and with some persistence and support from mentors like the Team at...

Success Story,

How Tori turned her passion into an exciting career

A lot can happen in a year, just ask Newstead local Tori Smith.Back in March 2016, Tori was...

Success Story,

How to get that job through resilience and persistence

The life-changing decision to move to a new country for a fresh start presents various social...