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Transition to Work

Success Story, Transition to Work,

Monique takes on QuayClean, learning the skills needed to enter the working world

After finishing high school, Monique excitedly enrolled in a degree in Sports Science. However,...

Success Story, Transition to Work,

Seeking a change of atmosphere, Carolyn finds the career she’s been waiting for in the hotel industry

Carolyn, a 22-year-old proud Gubbi Gubbi woman, had been in a restaurant role for several years but...

Success Story, Transition to Work,

Building up the courage: Danny learns to trust their abilities again

Having completed Year 11, Danny was struggling with mental health issues and did not know what they...

Success Story, Transition to Work,

Small steps make big strides as Thomas finds his first job

22-year-old Thomas had never held a job before and lacked the confidence to take his driving test,...

Success Story, Transition to Work,

There's no place like home: Asuria helps Mazvita get back on track

Life has a way of throwing challenges at us when we least expect it. In August 2022, resilient...

Success Story, Transition to Work,

A knockout transformation: Jamel's path to self-confidence

As a young man who hadn't completed Year 12, Jamel faced numerous challenges, including shyness,...

Transition to Work, Events,

Asuria's Inaugural Youth Jobs Fest: Empowering young adults for a bright future

On May 16, the vibrant atmosphere at Bunjil Place, Narre Warren, Victoria, was electrified with...

Success Story, Transition to Work,

Early school leaver, Jai, shines after returning to study

When Jai started with Asuria Mornington in August 2022, he didn’t know what direction his life was...

Success Story, Transition to Work,

Asuria participant graduates amongst peers after years of home schooling

In December 2022, Asuria proudly held a graduation ceremony for 14 of our Workforce Australia -...

Transition to Work,

What Jobs Can School Leavers Do Without Experience?

When you first enter the workforce aged 15-21, the Catch-22 situation is familiar. You can’t get a...

Transition to Work,

Fast-tracked psychological support now available to Asuria participants

With COVID continuing to add to the mental strain the nation is under, and with wait-times for...

Transition to Work,

Asuria opens employment PaTHways for job seekers post lockdown

Like many others, Asuria Transition to Work participants, Harry Khalil and Jeff Jittrong, had a...

Transition to Work,

9 Ways Parents Can Help School Leavers into Work

As young people go from being students year after year to becoming school leavers, they often don’t...

Transition to Work,

What is the Transition to Work Program?

For many young people, transitioning from high school to full-time employment poses challenges....

Transition to Work,

Leaving School in 2022? How to Find a Job You Love

When you leave school and decide to enter the workforce, there are some challenges that you'll need...

Transition to Work,

5 Steps to Finding Your First Job After High School

The transition from high school to employment can be overwhelming for any young adult. Fortunately,...