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Self-Employment Assistance

Self-Employment Assistance, Insights, Small Business Tips,

Understanding the 5 Dimensions of a Business Mindset

Creating success as business owner relies on knowledge, strategy and execution. However, it is also...

Self-Employment Assistance, Insights, Small Business Tips,

5 Tips to Boost Your Business from the Beginning

In this fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, steering through the financial landscape can be...

Success Story, Self-Employment Assistance,

From Grass to Glory: Lydia's Inspiring Small Business Start-Up Story

Last Friday Asuria celebrated International Women’s Day, a day to recognise the incredible efforts...

Success Story, Self-Employment Assistance,

Self-Employment Assistance from Asuria puts Podcast City on the map

Podcast City is a mould-breaking media company based in Adelaide, helping to redefine how small...

Success Story, Self-Employment Assistance,

Through unique lived experience, Kim is coaching new parents into healthy relationships with their kids

Forty-one years ago, Kim and her family left their home in Cambodia as refugees, arriving in...

Success Story, Self-Employment Assistance,

A sweet symphony: Dion sees success in the music industry

While playing in a local Brisbane band and working five nights a week in a restaurant, aspiring...

Success Story, Self-Employment Assistance,

Mastering craftsmanship: Kossalii Design's quest for excellence

Kim Jaewoo and Camille, the dynamic couple behind Kossalii Design, started their journey in...

Success Story, Self-Employment Assistance,

Jewels of ambition: Haley's path to becoming her own boss

After completing Year 8 of school, Haley found herself adrift, uninterested in continuing her...

Self-Employment Assistance, News,

Unlocking the Keys to Success: Navigating the World of Business Funding

Greetings! I'm Con J Kittos, an entrepreneur in my 60s who built a successful business, Asuria...

Featured, Self-Employment Assistance,

From sweat to success: How Asuria's Self-Employment Assistance program empowers fitness entrepreneurs

As a nation that champions active lifestyles, and values personal wellbeing, Australia holds...

Success Story, Self-Employment Assistance,

Keto expert Emma builds booming nutrition business through Asuria's Self-Employment Assistance Program

When Emma was young she struggled with body image issues, but the one thing that made her feel...

Success Story, Self-Employment Assistance,

Allergies, innovation triumph: Mari's path to healing

In her mid-20s, Maricar began experiencing allergies that became a constant challenge in her life....

Success Story, Self-Employment Assistance,

Sweeping success: Lara's inspiring rise as an entrepreneur

Lara, a dedicated sole parent of five children, always had a burning desire to be her own boss. For...

Success Story, Self-Employment Assistance,

Sigrid’s sweet success as poetry book reaches best seller status on Amazon

Asuria Self-Employment Assistance participant, Sigrid, has been telling stories her whole life.  

Self-Employment Assistance,

Asuria Celebrates the Launch of Bendigo Author Rebecca Sutton's Handmade Books

Asuria is proud to acknowledge its Workforce Australia - Self-Employment Assistance program...

Self-Employment Assistance, Insights,

Becoming Your Own Boss: The Pros and Cons of Self-Employment

By Con Kittos, Executive Chairman, Asuria