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Asuria celebrates U Day 2023 with our Enterprising Heart Awards

On December 1st each year, Asuria comes together to celebrate U Day, a formal day for all of us at...

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Saint Elesa Food Initiative driving positive change for their community

Food insecurity is an issue facing many Australians today, and the Saint Elesa Food Initiative is...

Workforce Australia, News,

Asuria Ulverstone hosts Security Course with NSTA for Workforce Australia participants

Recently our Workforce Australia team in Ulverstone arranged for participants to attend a security...

Featured, Workforce Australia, News,

Minister Tony Burke and Senator Tammy Tyrell hear from staff and participants at Asuria Hobart

On October 3rd, Asuria had the pleasure of hosting the Hon Tony Burke MP, Minister for Employment...

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Top ten list of dos and don’ts used by professional employment experts to get people into jobs

Lifting the lid on the techniques taught and used by hundreds of professional employment experts...

Self-Employment Assistance, News,

Unlocking the Keys to Success: Navigating the World of Business Funding

Greetings! I'm Con J Kittos, an entrepreneur in my 60s who built a successful business, Asuria...

Mental Health, News, Wellbeing,

Therapy DIY's: How to challenge your mindset

Did you know that we all have a mechanism called the 'negativity bias'? This is where our brain...

Mental Health, News, Wellbeing,

A Guide to Managing Anxiety in the Workplace 

Many of us can and often do experience varying degrees of anxiety about choosing a career path,...


Asuria Executive Chairman, Con Kittos, named ‘International People Services Chairman of the Year 2022’

Asuria Executive Chairman, Con Kittos, has been named ‘International People Services Chairman of...