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Success Story

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Sailing to Empowerment with Babana Aboriginal and Tribal Warrior

The Innovative Recruitment Solution Award at this year’s Asuria Employer Awards was all about...

Success Story, Employers, Enterprising Heart,

TRECCA championing a future that embraces First Nations Excellence

As First Nation communities call out for employment support, Australianindividuals andbusinesses...

Success Story, Employers, Enterprising Heart,

NRMA Marine’s commitment to inclusivity brings all aboard

In today's fast changing job market, inclusivity is everything. 

Success Story, Self-Employment Assistance,

From Grass to Glory: Lydia's Inspiring Small Business Start-Up Story

Last Friday Asuria celebrated International Women’s Day, a day to recognise the incredible efforts...

Success Story, Self-Employment Assistance,

Self-Employment Assistance from Asuria puts Podcast City on the map

Podcast City is a mould-breaking media company based in Adelaide, helping to redefine how small...

Success Story, Transition to Work,

Monique takes on QuayClean, learning the skills needed to enter the working world

After finishing high school, Monique excitedly enrolled in a degree in Sports Science. However,...

Success Story, Transition to Work,

Seeking a change of atmosphere, Carolyn finds the career she’s been waiting for in the hotel industry

Carolyn, a 22-year-old proud Gubbi Gubbi woman, had been in a restaurant role for several years but...

Success Story, ParentsNext,

Never giving up: single mum Tamara is a hero to her four daughters

As a single mother of four girls with limited support, Tamara has faced many challenges raising...

Success Story, ParentsNext,

Ana's career comeback: A new beginning in the world of hospitality

Since 2014, Ana had been looking after her family as a stay-at-home mum. Ana wanted to return to...

Success Story, Self-Employment Assistance,

Through unique lived experience, Kim is coaching new parents into healthy relationships with their kids

Forty-one years ago, Kim and her family left their home in Cambodia as refugees, arriving in...

Success Story, ParentsNext,

Turning negative into positive: Sarah uses her experience to help others

As a stay-at-home mum, Sarah prioritised caring for her family, which included two young children....

Success Story, Transition to Work,

Building up the courage: Danny learns to trust their abilities again

Having completed Year 11, Danny was struggling with mental health issues and did not know what they...

Success Story, Transition to Work,

Small steps make big strides as Thomas finds his first job

22-year-old Thomas had never held a job before and lacked the confidence to take his driving test,...

Success Story, ParentsNext,

Single father Anthony shows the importance of never giving up on your dream

Anthony was a dedicated truck driver who spent his days carrying heavy equipment for a company that...

Success Story, ParentsNext,

Hard working mum and beauty extraordinaire: Skye has no limit to her possibilities

Skye’s world revolved around her partner and their three beautiful children, aged four, six, and...

Success Story, Featured, Workforce Australia,

Asuria First Nations participant Thomas receives career recognition at prestigious NESA Awards

On Wednesday October 11th, Asuria celebrated the 2023 NESA Awards for Excellence, an event that...